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Sargodha Prayer Times – Today Fajr, Duhr, Asr & Maghrib and Isha Timings



Sargodha Prayer Times

Sargodha Prayer Times – This page provides the prayer timings for Sargodha, guiding on when to perform the five essential prayers each day. Utilizing this schedule ensures residents of Sargodha can observe their prayers at the appropriate times.

Sargodha Prayer Times from 15 Apr 2024 to 14 May 2024 – Fiqa Hanafi

Apr 15 202404:14 AM05:37 AM12:09 PM03:46 PM06:41 PM08:04 PM
Apr 16 202404:13 AM05:36 AM12:09 PM03:46 PM06:42 PM08:05 PM
Apr 17 202404:11 AM05:35 AM12:09 PM03:46 PM06:42 PM08:06 PM
Apr 18 202404:10 AM05:34 AM12:09 PM03:46 PM06:43 PM08:07 PM
Apr 19 202404:09 AM05:33 AM12:08 PM03:46 PM06:44 PM08:08 PM
Apr 20 202404:07 AM05:32 AM12:08 PM03:46 PM06:45 PM08:09 PM
Apr 21 202404:06 AM05:31 AM12:08 PM03:46 PM06:45 PM08:10 PM
Apr 22 202404:05 AM05:29 AM12:08 PM03:46 PM06:46 PM08:11 PM
Apr 23 202404:03 AM05:28 AM12:08 PM03:46 PM06:47 PM08:12 PM
Apr 24 202404:02 AM05:27 AM12:07 PM03:46 PM06:47 PM08:13 PM
Apr 25 202404:01 AM05:26 AM12:07 PM03:46 PM06:48 PM08:14 PM
Apr 26 202403:59 AM05:25 AM12:07 PM03:46 PM06:49 PM08:15 PM
Apr 27 202403:58 AM05:24 AM12:07 PM03:46 PM06:50 PM08:16 PM
Apr 28 202403:57 AM05:23 AM12:07 PM03:46 PM06:50 PM08:17 PM
Apr 29 202403:55 AM05:22 AM12:07 PM03:46 PM06:51 PM08:18 PM
Apr 30 202403:54 AM05:21 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:52 PM08:19 PM
May 01 202403:53 AM05:20 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:52 PM08:20 PM
May 02 202403:52 AM05:19 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:53 PM08:21 PM
May 03 202403:51 AM05:18 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:54 PM08:22 PM
May 04 202403:49 AM05:18 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:55 PM08:23 PM
May 05 202403:48 AM05:17 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:55 PM08:24 PM
May 06 202403:47 AM05:16 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:56 PM08:25 PM
May 07 202403:46 AM05:15 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:57 PM08:26 PM
May 08 202403:45 AM05:14 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:57 PM08:27 PM
May 09 202403:44 AM05:13 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:58 PM08:28 PM
May 10 202403:43 AM05:13 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM06:59 PM08:29 PM
May 11 202403:42 AM05:12 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM07:00 PM08:30 PM
May 12 202403:41 AM05:11 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM07:00 PM08:31 PM
May 13 202403:39 AM05:10 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM07:01 PM08:32 PM
May 14 202403:39 AM05:10 AM12:06 PM03:46 PM07:02 PM08:33 PM

Note: All Timings are Beginning Times

Disclaimer: Please note there is a 01 minute preventative difference in namaz timing.

There is a slight difference in the timings for namaz based on different Islamic traditions.

Sargodha Prayer Times from 15 Apr 2024 to 14 May 2024 – Fiqa Jafri

15 Apr 202404:2505:4012:0915:4618:5419:44
16 Apr 202404:2405:3912:0915:4618:5519:45
17 Apr 202404:2205:3812:0915:4618:5619:46
18 Apr 202404:2105:3712:0915:4618:5619:46
19 Apr 202404:2005:3612:0815:4618:5719:47
20 Apr 202404:1805:3512:0815:4618:5819:48
21 Apr 202404:1705:3312:0815:4618:5919:49
22 Apr 202404:1605:3212:0815:4618:5919:50
23 Apr 202404:1505:3112:0815:4619:0019:51
24 Apr 202404:1305:3012:0715:4619:0119:52
25 Apr 202404:1205:2912:0715:4619:0119:53
26 Apr 202404:1105:2812:0715:4619:0219:53
27 Apr 202404:0905:2712:0715:4619:0319:54
28 Apr 202404:0805:2612:0715:4619:0419:55
29 Apr 202404:0705:2512:0715:4619:0419:56
30 Apr 202404:0605:2412:0715:4619:0519:57
01 May 202404:0505:2312:0615:4619:0619:58
02 May 202404:0305:2212:0615:4619:0719:59
03 May 202404:0205:2112:0615:4619:0720:00
04 May 202404:0105:2012:0615:4619:0820:01
05 May 202404:0005:1912:0615:4619:0920:02
06 May 202403:5905:1912:0615:4619:1020:03
07 May 202403:5805:1812:0615:4619:1020:03
08 May 202403:5705:1712:0615:4619:1120:04
09 May 202403:5605:1612:0615:4619:1220:05
10 May 202403:5505:1512:0615:4619:1320:06
11 May 202403:5405:1512:0615:4619:1320:07
12 May 202403:5305:1412:0615:4619:1420:08
13 May 202403:5205:1312:0615:4619:1520:09
14 May 202403:5105:1212:0615:4619:1620:10

Note: All Timings are Beginning Times

Disclaimer: Please note there is a 01 minute preventative difference in namaz timing.

Mosques In Sargodha

About 98% of people living in this city are Muslims. Due to this, many mosques are present in this city for their ease. Some of them are

  • Jamia Masjid Hamid Shah
  • Gol Masjid
  • University Mosque
  • Bilal Masjid
  • Jamia Masjid District Council

Importance Of Sargodha Prayer Times and Namaz

Each Muslim should offer Namaz at their exact time, as Namaz is essential to them. It is so important that it can’t even be left during the war.

Holy Quran says,‏

When you go forth journeying in the land, there is no blame on you if you shorten the Prayer, (especially) if you fear that the unbelievers might cause you harm. Surely the unbelievers are your open enemies.Surah An-Nisa (4:101).

Juristic Methods For Asr Prayers

There are two juristic methods for Asr prayers.

Hanafi Method

According to this method, Asr time starts when the length of some object shadow becomes double the length of the original in the daytime.

Shafi’i, Maliki, Ja’fari, and Hanbali

According to this method, Asr time starts when the length of some object’s shadow becomes equal to the length of the original length of this object during day time.

The salaat times provided on Explore it beyond are updated regularly to confirm their precision. So use this page both now and in the future as well. You can also Zawal and Makrooh time in Sargodha here. So bookmark this page on your phones, tablets, and mobiles to get easy access.

Prayer Timings for Other Cities

Residents can check out timings for cities in other parts of Pakistan. These include:


What is the 5 namaz timetable Sargodha Today?

Here are the 5 salah timings Sargodha

  1. Time for Fajr prayer in Sargodha 04:14 AM
  2. Dhuhur namaz time Sargodha 12:09 PM
  3. Asr prayer time Sargodha 03:46 PM
  4. Maghrib namaz time in Sargodha 06:41 PM
  5. Isha timings in Sargodha 08:04 PM

What is Fajr prayer time in Sargodha Pakistan?

Pakistan Fajr time Sargodha today is 04:14 AM.

What is Zuhr Time in Sargodha?

Zuhr Salah timings are 12:09 PM.

What is Asr time in Sargodha?

Asr Salah timings are 03:46 PM.

What time is Maghrib Azan time in Sargodha?

Today Maghrib time in Sargodha is 06:41 PM.

What are the Isha timings in Sargodha?

Isha prayer time Sargodha is 08:04 PM.

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