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Karachi Prayer Times – Today Fajr, Asr & Maghrib and Isha Timings



Karachi Namaz timings

Karachi Prayer Times – This page covers the details of prayer timings in Karachi for five obligatory prayers. People living in the city can find a complete Karachi Namaz Timing Today schedule which allow them to perform all five prayers at their respective times.

Karachi prayer times are of utmost importance for the devout Muslim community residing in the bustling metropolis. This Karachi prayer timings schedule serve as a spiritual compass, guiding worshippers through their daily routines while ensuring a strong connection with the divine. With accurate and up-to-date information readily available, individuals can plan their worship schedule accordingly, aligning their obligations towards Allah with their daily activities.

Whether it’s Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, or Isha, Karachi prayer times allow Muslims to find solace and peace amidst the chaos of city life, providing them with a moment of reflection, devotion, and tranquility. By staying informed and adhering to the prescribed prayer timings, the Muslim community in Karachi can enhance their spiritual journey, foster a sense of unity, and strengthen their bond with their Creator.

Muslims from different sects and faiths are living in the city. Sunni Muslims mainly follow Karachi prayer timing Hanafi, while some people also follow Karachi Prayer Timings Ahle Hadees. Muslims from the Ahle Tashayyu sect follow Shia Namaz timing Karachi.

Karachi prayer timings of all five prayers are given on this page. Which are

  • Fajar Namaz time in Karachi
  • Zuhar Namaz time in Karachi
  • Asar Namaz time in Karachi
  • Maghrib Namaz time in Karachi
  • Isha Namaz time in Karachi

You can also check Tahajjud time today, Ishraq Time Karachi, Chast Namaz timing Karachi and Awwabin Namaz Time Karachi. It is a very convenient and accurate way to find the exact Karachi Namaz time for people who do not have access to the mosque or Azan clock.

This Karachi prayer timing schedule can be used by people living in different areas. The updated Karachi prayer timing 2023 is created to assist people of all districts of Karachi including Baldia Town, Bin Qasim Town, Gadap Town, Gulberg Town, Gulshan Town, Jamshed Town, Kiamari Town, Korangi Town, Landhi Town, Liaquatabad Town, Lyari Town, Malir Town, New Karachi Town, North Nazimabad Town, Orangi Town, Saddar Town, Shah Faisal Town and SITE Town.

Sunni Namaz Timings of Karachi ( Fiqh e Hanafi) 05 Feb 2024 to 04 Mar 2024

Feb 055:55 AM7:13 AM12:46 PM4:43 PM6:19 PM7:37 PM
Feb 065:54 AM7:12 AM12:46 PM4:43 PM6:20 PM7:38 PM
Feb 075:54 AM7:12 AM12:46 PM4:44 PM6:20 PM7:38 PM
Feb 085:53 AM7:11 AM12:46 PM4:45 PM6:21 PM7:39 PM
Feb 095:53 AM7:10 AM12:46 PM4:45 PM6:22 PM7:39 PM
Feb 105:52 AM7:10 AM12:46 PM4:46 PM6:22 PM7:40 PM
Feb 115:52 AM7:09 AM12:46 PM4:47 PM6:23 PM7:40 PM
Feb 125:51 AM7:09 AM12:46 PM4:47 PM6:24 PM7:41 PM
Feb 135:51 AM7:08 AM12:46 PM4:48 PM6:24 PM7:41 PM
Feb 145:50 AM7:07 AM12:46 PM4:48 PM6:25 PM7:42 PM
Feb 155:50 AM7:07 AM12:46 PM4:49 PM6:26 PM7:43 PM
Feb 165:49 AM7:06 AM12:46 PM4:49 PM6:26 PM7:43 PM
Feb 175:48 AM7:05 AM12:46 PM4:50 PM6:27 PM7:44 PM
Feb 185:48 AM7:04 AM12:46 PM4:50 PM6:27 PM7:44 PM
Feb 195:47 AM7:04 AM12:46 PM4:51 PM6:28 PM7:45 PM
Feb 205:46 AM7:03 AM12:46 PM4:51 PM6:29 PM7:45 PM
Feb 215:46 AM7:02 AM12:45 PM4:52 PM6:29 PM7:46 PM
Feb 225:45 AM7:01 AM12:45 PM4:52 PM6:30 PM7:46 PM
Feb 235:44 AM7:00 AM12:45 PM4:53 PM6:30 PM7:47 PM
Feb 245:43 AM7:00 AM12:45 PM4:53 PM6:31 PM7:47 PM
Feb 255:43 AM6:59 AM12:45 PM4:54 PM6:32 PM7:48 PM
Feb 265:42 AM6:58 AM12:45 PM4:54 PM6:32 PM7:48 PM
Feb 275:41 AM6:57 AM12:45 PM4:55 PM6:33 PM7:49 PM
Feb 285:40 AM6:56 AM12:44 PM4:55 PM6:33 PM7:49 PM
Feb 295:39 AM6:55 AM12:44 PM4:55 PM6:34 PM7:50 PM
Mar 015:38 AM6:54 AM12:44 PM4:56 PM6:34 PM7:50 PM
Mar 025:38 AM6:53 AM12:44 PM4:56 PM6:35 PM7:51 PM
Mar 035:37 AM6:52 AM12:44 PM4:57 PM6:35 PM7:51 PM
Mar 045:36 AM6:52 AM12:43 PM4:57 PM6:36 PM7:52 PM

Note: All Timings are Beginning Times

Todays Karachi Shia Prayer Timings (Fiqh e Jafria) (05 February 2024 to 05 March 2024)

05 Feb 202406:0407:1312:4615:5618:3419:19
06 Feb 202406:0307:1212:4615:5618:3419:20
07 Feb 202406:0307:1212:4615:5718:3519:20
08 Feb 202406:0307:1112:4615:5718:3619:21
09 Feb 202406:0207:1112:4615:5818:3619:22
10 Feb 202406:0207:1012:4615:5818:3719:22
11 Feb 202406:0107:0912:4615:5918:3819:23
12 Feb 202406:0007:0912:4615:5918:3819:23
13 Feb 202406:0007:0812:4615:5918:3919:24
14 Feb 202405:5907:0712:4616:0018:4019:24
15 Feb 202405:5907:0712:4616:0018:4019:25
16 Feb 202405:5807:0612:4616:0118:4119:25
17 Feb 202405:5707:0512:4616:0118:4119:26
18 Feb 202405:5707:0512:4616:0118:4219:27
19 Feb 202405:5607:0412:4616:0218:4219:27
20 Feb 202405:5507:0312:4616:0218:4319:28
21 Feb 202405:5507:0212:4616:0218:4419:28
22 Feb 202405:5407:0112:4616:0218:4419:29
23 Feb 202405:5307:0112:4516:0318:4519:29
24 Feb 202405:5207:0012:4516:0318:4519:30
25 Feb 202405:5206:5912:4516:0318:4619:30
26 Feb 202405:5106:5812:4516:0418:4619:31
27 Feb 202405:5006:5712:4516:0418:4719:31
28 Feb 202405:4906:5612:4516:0418:4719:32
29 Feb 202405:4806:5512:4416:0418:4819:32
01 Mar 202405:4706:5412:4416:0418:4819:33
02 Mar 202405:4706:5412:4416:0418:4919:33
03 Mar 202405:4606:5312:4416:0518:4919:34
04 Mar 202405:4506:5212:4416:0518:5019:34
05 Mar 202405:4406:5112:4316:0518:5019:34

Note: All Timings are Beginning Times

Prayer Timings for Other Cities

Residents can check out timings for cities in other parts of Pakistan. These include:

What is Fajr Namaz time in Karachi today?

Fajr Namaz time in Karachi today is 5:55 AM.

What is Dhuhr time in Karachi today?

Dhuhr time in Karachi today is 12:46 PM.

What is Asr time in Karachi today?

Asr time in Karachi today is 4:43 PM.

What is Maghrib time in Karachi today?

Maghrib time in Karachi today is 6:19 PM.

What is Isha time in Karachi today?

Isha time in Karachi today is 7:37 PM.

What time is Ishraq in Karachi today?

Today Ishraq time starts from 07:28 AM and ends on 09:59 AM.

What is Chasht Namaz Time in Karachi today?

Karachi Chasht Namaz Time today starts at 09:59 AM and ends at 12:06 AM.

What is Tahajjud Time in Karachi today?

Karachi Tahajjud Time today starts at 08:37 PM and ends at 05:50 AM.

What is Awwabin Time in Karachi today?

Karachi Awwabin Time today starts at 06:34 PM and ends at 07:22 PM.

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