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Ramadan Prayer Timings in Pakistan: A Complete Guide



Namaz timings

Ramadan Prayer Times for 2023 / 1444 Salah is the second pillar of Islam and a daily obligation upon all Muslims above mature age. Salah is defined as an act of worshipping Allah SWT, as specifically mentioned in mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Praying Salah is a process with a specific structure and set of principles which must be followed.

To begin with, there are five daily prayers which must be performed in different times of the day; they are as follows:

  • Fajr Prayer Time – this is performed before sunrise
  • Zuhr Prayer Time– this is performed at midday
  • Asr Prayer Time– this is performed between Zuhr and sunset
  • Maghrib Prayer Time– this is performed at sunset
  • Isha Prayer Time– this is performed between Maghrib and midnight

These are the obligatory prayers, however there are many other prayers that Muslims can perform voluntarily for sake of Allah’s blessings. Many of these voluntary prayers are undertaken by Muslims during the Holy month of Ramadan as many rewards bestowed in this Holy month.

Ramadan Calendar 2023 Pakistan

Ramadan 2023 is here and Muslims all over the world are preparing to observe the Holy Month by fasting and seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Fasting is regarded as a crucial pillar of Islam, urging Muslims to seek blessings from Allah. Muslims observe fasts during Ramadan, and the Ramadan Prayer Timings 2023 has been recently updated. We have provided accurate dates for the Gregorian calendar according to the Ramadan Calendar 2023 Pakistan to assist users.

Mar 213:59 AM5:32 AM11:36 AM3:02 PM5:42 PM7:09 PM
Mar 223:57 AM5:30 AM11:36 AM3:03 PM5:43 PM7:10 PM
Mar 233:56 AM5:28 AM11:36 AM3:03 PM5:44 PM7:11 PM
Mar 243:54 AM5:27 AM11:35 AM3:04 PM5:45 PM7:12 PM
Mar 253:52 AM5:25 AM11:35 AM3:04 PM5:46 PM7:14 PM
Mar 264:50 AM6:23 AM12:35 PM4:05 PM6:47 PM8:15 PM
Mar 274:48 AM6:22 AM12:35 PM4:05 PM6:48 PM8:16 PM
Mar 284:46 AM6:20 AM12:34 PM4:06 PM6:49 PM8:17 PM
Mar 294:45 AM6:18 AM12:34 PM4:06 PM6:50 PM8:19 PM
Mar 304:43 AM6:17 AM12:34 PM4:06 PM6:51 PM8:20 PM
Mar 314:41 AM6:15 AM12:33 PM4:07 PM6:52 PM8:21 PM
Apr 014:39 AM6:13 AM12:33 PM4:07 PM6:54 PM8:22 PM
Apr 024:37 AM6:12 AM12:33 PM4:08 PM6:55 PM8:24 PM
Apr 034:35 AM6:10 AM12:32 PM4:08 PM6:56 PM8:25 PM
Apr 044:33 AM6:08 AM12:32 PM4:09 PM6:57 PM8:26 PM
Apr 054:31 AM6:07 AM12:32 PM4:09 PM6:58 PM8:28 PM
Apr 064:29 AM6:05 AM12:32 PM4:09 PM6:59 PM8:29 PM
Apr 074:27 AM6:03 AM12:31 PM4:10 PM7:00 PM8:30 PM
Apr 084:25 AM6:02 AM12:31 PM4:10 PM7:01 PM8:32 PM
Apr 094:24 AM6:00 AM12:31 PM4:11 PM7:02 PM8:33 PM
Apr 104:22 AM5:59 AM12:30 PM4:11 PM7:03 PM8:34 PM
Apr 114:20 AM5:57 AM12:30 PM4:11 PM7:04 PM8:36 PM
Apr 124:18 AM5:55 AM12:30 PM4:12 PM7:05 PM8:37 PM
Apr 134:16 AM5:54 AM12:30 PM4:12 PM7:06 PM8:38 PM
Apr 144:14 AM5:52 AM12:29 PM4:12 PM7:07 PM8:40 PM
Apr 154:12 AM5:51 AM12:29 PM4:13 PM7:08 PM8:41 PM
Apr 164:10 AM5:49 AM12:29 PM4:13 PM7:09 PM8:43 PM
Apr 174:08 AM5:48 AM12:29 PM4:13 PM7:11 PM8:44 PM
Apr 184:06 AM5:46 AM12:28 PM4:14 PM7:12 PM8:45 PM
Ramazan Namaz Timings 2023

Residents can also check out the dedicated prayer timings and Sehr o Iftar schedule for their respective cities. Karachi prayer timings cover the prayer and Ramadan timings for both Sunni and Shia Muslims. Similarly, Lahore prayer timings incorporates detailed prayer and Sehr o Iftar schedule for the city residents.

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