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Faisalabad Prayer Times – Today Fajr, Duhr, Asr & Maghrib and Isha Timings



Prayer timings Faisalabad

Faisalabad Prayer Times – This page presents the prayer schedule for Faisalabad, indicating the times for the five obligatory prayers required daily. Residents of Faisalabad can refer to this timetable to ensure they observe their prayers at the designated times.

Whether it’s Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, or Isha, Faisalabad prayer times allow Muslims to find solace and peace amidst the chaos of city life, providing them with a moment of reflection, devotion, and tranquility. Therefore, By staying informed and adhering to the prescribed prayer timings, the Muslim community in Faisalabad can enhance their spiritual journey, foster a sense of unity, and strengthen their bond with their Creator Allah Almighty.

Namaz Timings Of Faisalabad

The timings of all five prayers (Namaaz ke auqat) of the day are given on this page. Which are

  • Fajar Namaz time in Faisalabad
  • Zuhar Namaz time in Faisalabad
  • Asar Namaz time in Faisalabad
  • Maghrib Namaz time in Faisalabad
  • Isha Namaz time in Faisalabad

Sunni Prayer Timing of Faisalabad (Fiqh e Hanafi) 15 April 2024 to 14 May 2024

Apr 15 202404:14 AM05:36 AM12:08 PM03:44 PM06:39 PM08:01 PM
Apr 16 202404:13 AM05:35 AM12:07 PM03:44 PM06:39 PM08:02 PM
Apr 17 202404:11 AM05:34 AM12:07 PM03:44 PM06:40 PM08:03 PM
Apr 18 202404:10 AM05:33 AM12:07 PM03:44 PM06:41 PM08:04 PM
Apr 19 202404:09 AM05:32 AM12:07 PM03:44 PM06:41 PM08:05 PM
Apr 20 202404:07 AM05:31 AM12:07 PM03:44 PM06:42 PM08:06 PM
Apr 21 202404:06 AM05:30 AM12:06 PM03:44 PM06:43 PM08:07 PM
Apr 22 202404:05 AM05:29 AM12:06 PM03:44 PM06:43 PM08:08 PM
Apr 23 202404:03 AM05:28 AM12:06 PM03:44 PM06:44 PM08:09 PM
Apr 24 202404:02 AM05:27 AM12:06 PM03:44 PM06:45 PM08:10 PM
Apr 25 202404:01 AM05:26 AM12:06 PM03:44 PM06:46 PM08:10 PM
Apr 26 202403:59 AM05:25 AM12:05 PM03:44 PM06:46 PM08:11 PM
Apr 27 202403:58 AM05:24 AM12:05 PM03:44 PM06:47 PM08:12 PM
Apr 28 202403:57 AM05:23 AM12:05 PM03:44 PM06:48 PM08:13 PM
Apr 29 202403:56 AM05:22 AM12:05 PM03:44 PM06:48 PM08:14 PM
Apr 30 202403:54 AM05:21 AM12:05 PM03:44 PM06:49 PM08:15 PM
May 01 202403:53 AM05:20 AM12:05 PM03:44 PM06:50 PM08:16 PM
May 02 202403:52 AM05:19 AM12:05 PM03:44 PM06:50 PM08:17 PM
May 03 202403:51 AM05:18 AM12:05 PM03:44 PM06:51 PM08:18 PM
May 04 202403:50 AM05:17 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:52 PM08:19 PM
May 05 202403:49 AM05:16 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:52 PM08:20 PM
May 06 202403:47 AM05:15 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:53 PM08:21 PM
May 07 202403:46 AM05:15 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:54 PM08:22 PM
May 08 202403:45 AM05:14 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:55 PM08:23 PM
May 09 202403:44 AM05:13 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:55 PM08:24 PM
May 10 202403:43 AM05:12 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:56 PM08:25 PM
May 11 202403:42 AM05:11 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:57 PM08:26 PM
May 12 202403:41 AM05:11 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:57 PM08:27 PM
May 13 202403:40 AM05:10 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:58 PM08:28 PM
May 14 202403:39 AM05:09 AM12:04 PM03:44 PM06:59 PM08:29 PM

Disclaimer: All Timings are Beginning Times. Please note there is a 01 minute preventative difference in namaz timing. Moreover, there is a slight difference in the timings for namaz based on different Islamic traditions.

Todays Faisalabad Shia Prayer Timings (Fiqh e Jafria) (15 April 2024 to 14 May 2024)

15 Apr 202404:2505:3912:0815:4418:5219:41
16 Apr 202404:2305:3812:0715:4418:5219:42
17 Apr 202404:2205:3712:0715:4418:5319:43
18 Apr 202404:2105:3612:0715:4418:5419:43
19 Apr 202404:2005:3512:0715:4318:5519:44
20 Apr 202404:1805:3412:0715:4318:5519:45
21 Apr 202404:1705:3312:0615:4318:5619:46
22 Apr 202404:1605:3212:0615:4318:5719:47
23 Apr 202404:1405:3012:0615:4318:5719:48
24 Apr 202404:1305:2912:0615:4318:5819:49
25 Apr 202404:1205:2812:0615:4318:5919:49
26 Apr 202404:1105:2712:0515:4319:0019:50
27 Apr 202404:0905:2612:0515:4319:0019:51
28 Apr 202404:0805:2512:0515:4319:0119:52
29 Apr 202404:0705:2412:0515:4319:0219:53
30 Apr 202404:0605:2312:0515:4319:0219:54
01 May 202404:0505:2312:0515:4319:0319:55
02 May 202404:0405:2212:0515:4319:0419:56
03 May 202404:0205:2112:0515:4319:0519:56
04 May 202404:0105:2012:0415:4319:0519:57
05 May 202404:0005:1912:0415:4319:0619:58
06 May 202403:5905:1812:0415:4319:0719:59
07 May 202403:5805:1712:0415:4319:0820:00
08 May 202403:5705:1612:0415:4319:0820:01
09 May 202403:5605:1612:0415:4319:0920:02
10 May 202403:5505:1512:0415:4319:1020:03
11 May 202403:5405:1412:0415:4319:1020:03
12 May 202403:5305:1312:0415:4319:1120:04
13 May 202403:5205:1312:0415:4319:1220:05
14 May 202403:5105:1212:0415:4319:1320:06

Disclaimer: All Timings are Beginning Times. Furthermore, please note there is a 01 minute preventative difference in namaz timing.

Faisalabad Prayers and Ramadan

Moreover, for Muslims who would like to offer the pray five times in the city and want to spend their Ramadan in Faisalabad can also check the Faisalabad Ramadan Timings. People who do not have access to the nearest Mosque can also find out the correct Faisalabad Prayer Timings with the given schedule. 

Famous mosques in Faisalabad

There are several worship places in Faisalabad. Name of some famous mosques are provided below:
• Ayesha Masjid
• Fredia Masjid of Faisalabad
• Jamia Mosque ATC

Praying Right Namaz

  • Fajr has total of 4 rakats, 2 sunnah and 2 Farz.
  • Duhr has 12 rakats: 4 Sunnah, 4 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 Nafl.
  • Asr has a total of 8 rakats, 4 Sunnah and 4 Nafl.
  • Maghrib has a total of 7 rakats, 3 Farz, 2 Sunnah, and 2 Nafl.
  • Isha has total of 17 rakats: 4 Sunnah, 4 Fard, 2 Sunnah, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr, and 2 Nafl. Moreover, Dua e Qunoot is recited with Witr prayer as our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to read Dua Qunoot in with Namaz regularly. Therefore, you can also get complete translation and understanding of Dua e Qunoot on Explore it Beyond.

Prayer Timings for Other Cities

Residents can check out timings for cities in other parts of Pakistan. These include:

What is the 5 namaz timetable Faisalabad Today?

Here are the 5 salah timings Faisalabad

  1. Time for Fajr prayer in Faisalabad 04:14 AM
  2. Dhuhur namaz time Faisalabad 12:08 PM
  3. Asr prayer time Faisalabad 03:44 PM
  4. Maghrib namaz time in Faisalabad 06:39 PM
  5. Isha timings in Faisalabad 08:01 PM

What is Fajr prayer time in Faisalabad Pakistan?

Pakistan Fajr time Faisalabad today is 04:14 AM.

What is Zuhr Time in Faisalabad?

Zuhr Salah timings are 12:08 PM.

What is Asr time in Faisalabad?

Asr Salah timings are 03:44 PM.

What time is Maghrib Azan time in Faisalabad?

Today Maghrib time in Faisalabad is 06:39 PM.

What are the Isha timings in Faisalabad?

Isha prayer time Faisalabad is 08:01 PM.

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