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Telenor Balance Share Code 2024 – Telenor Smart Share



Telenor Balance Check Code 2024

It is simple to transfer the balance from one Telenor account to another thanks to the company’s innovative offering, Telenor Smart Share. The mobile service provider Telenor, which has its headquarters in Norway, operates in a number of nations, including Pakistan. In the previous several years, Telenor’s subscriber base has grown dramatically. This post will tell you the details of Telenor Balance Share Code 2024.

Therefore, you can share mobile balance with your friends, family, or any other Telenor user by dialing *1*1*923451234567*amount#. Your balance will be shared.

Furthermore, this option is limited to Telenor prepaid customers and is exclusively for Telenor to Telenor balance transfer. The format, along with an example, is provided here to make it easy for you to send mobile balance to anyone using these simple balance sharing codes.

Telenor Balance Share Code

Telenor Balance Share Code 2024 to dial: Dial *1*1*Mobile Number*amount#
Example: *1*1*9234511111111*200#

You will receive a confirmation message and then reply with 1 for confirmation of the balance share. Make sure to type the exact figures mentioned above. Rs 5.7 will be deducted from your account for sharing the balance.

BalanceRs 5.7*1*1#
  • When you use Telenor Share you will be asked to confirm a message that you receive. The transaction will be completed once the confirmation message is received.
  • All Telenor Prepaid customers can use this option irrespective of what package they are on.
  • Therefore, the prices are excluding all taxes. Standard taxes will be charged on each transaction.
  • However, codes can be changed by Telenor anytime!
  • Company’s Terms and Conditions apply and can be read on the Telenor website

In conclusion, you can share between Rs. 15 and Rs. 200 using the Smart Share service. This service can be utilized a maximum of 10 times per day. It is exclusively available to prepaid customers; postpaid customers cannot access this service. The money received can be used for phone calls, SMS, or digital services. For more information, you can call the Telenor helpline by dialing 345 and keep visiting Explore it beyond.

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