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Jazz MB Check Code 2024: Jazz is the largest GSM telecom service provider in Pakistan, with over 62 million users. The network provides a large spectrum of blazing-fast 4G internet packages. With Jazz, you can choose from a wide range of 3G and 4G internet bundles that offer high-speed internet at affordable rates.

Jazz is one of Pakistan’s top mobile communication companies and internet service providers. Since, the company offers exciting internet packages with very high internet speed. Jazz users have various choices to subscribe to the fast internet prepaid and postpaid bundles.

Jazz offers affordable and fantastic SMS packages, call packages, 3G and 4G internet packages, social packages, and much more for its users to connect with their loved ones. You can also check the Jazz balance using code, call and app. Also, checking your remaining Jazz MBs is a simple and quick process. By following the steps outlined below, you can ensure that you always have enough MBs to enjoy your favorite online activities. So go ahead and check your remaining MBs today!

How To Check Jazz Remaining MBs 2024?

It is pretty simple to check the remaining Jazz MBs through your Jazz account. You only have to add *2# at the end of the subscription code of the internet package you have already subscribed to. Let’s explain this with an example. Explore it Beyond will make you understand it with a few examples.  

  • For instance, you have subscribed to the Weekly Jazz Internet Package, whose subscription code is *117*47#
  • You can check the remaining MBs of the subscribed weekly package by simply dialing its subscription code, *117*47#, and then adding *2# at the end of the activation code. 
  • The final code to check the remaining MBs in your weekly Jazz internet packages becomes *117*47*2#. 
  • This way, you can check the remaining data in the weekly jazz internet package. 

Let’s make the method clear with another example. 

  • Suppose you have subscribed to the Jazz Monthly Browser Package. The activation code of this package is *117*77#.
  • To check the remaining Jazz MBs in the subscribed bundle, dial *117*77# from your Jazz Number and add *2# at the end of the activation code. 
  • The final code to check the remaining MBs in the Monthly Browser Package would be *117*77*2#.

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Method to Check Free Jazz MBs

Jazz also offers its loyal customers fast, free internet MBs. You can get these MBs through the Jazz Weekly Browser. By subscribing to this offer, you can get 300 free jazz MBs for seven days. *117# is the activation code to get free Jazz MBs. 

Follow the following procedure to check the free Jazz MBs. 

  1.  Dial 117. Now enter the code *117*3#.
  2. Now press *117*3*2# to check the remaining data. 

Terms And Conditions 

  • When you check the remaining Jazz MBs using the respective code, this will charge you the tax of 0.25 Rupees. 
  • This method to check the remaining Jazz data is valid for Jazz 2G, 3G, and 4G customers. 
  • All the offers mentioned above are for Jazz customers only.

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