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Mehndi Artists in Lahore



Mehndi Artists in Lahore

Best Mehndi Artist

The premier Mehndi Artist in Lahore specialises in creating dazzling and intricate designs that make a lasting impression.

Whether for bridal Mehndi, Mehndi parties, or special events, Mehndi Artist brings unparalleled expertise in Mehndi artistry, guaranteeing that your hands and feet are adorned with timeless elegance.

Explore it Beyond has prepared a detailed guide to choosing the right Mehndi Artist in Lahore, according to your liking.

Top Mehndi Artists in Lahore

Following are some of the most popular and well-known henna artists in Lahore:

  • Henna by Neezah
  • Ali Mehndi Design
  • Hennagry by Iqra

Henna by Neezah

Beautiful hand henna design by Neezah

Renowned for intricate designs and unparalleled artistry, Henna By Neezah specialises in creating stunning henna masterpieces that complement your individual style and mark special occasions. Whether it’s bridal henna, Mehndi parties, or other events, you can rely on Henna By Neezah to embellish your hands and feet with exquisite and enduring henna artistry.

ServicePrice (PKR)
Per Hand Design500
4 Sided Hand Design2,000
One Side Hand with Arm600
Bridal Henna6,000
Feet Henna600

Ali Mehndi Design

A client of Ali mehndi reviews beautiful hand henna.

Ali Mehndi Design stands out as Lahore’s top choice for exceptional henna artwork. As the leading henna artist in Lahore, Ali seamlessly blends traditional expertise with a modern touch, creating breathtaking henna designs suitable for any occasion.

Specializing in bridal mehndi, Mehndi parties, and other events, Ali Mehndi Designs detailed and enduring henna artistry that brings a sense of timeless sophistication to your hands and feet. Committed to perfection, Ali ensures that each design is a true masterpiece.

ServicePrice (PKR)
Regular Design300
Light Bridal Henna5,000
Heavy Bridal Henna15,000

Hennargy by Iqra

Iqra’s hand henna design for occasions

Enhance your henna experience in Lahore with “Mehndi by Eshu,” the premier destination for exceptional henna artistry. Acknowledged as the leading henna artist in Lahore, “Mehndi by Eshu” excels in crafting detailed and enchanting henna designs that make a lasting impact.

  • Contact: 0304 6164111
  • Menu Pricing:
ServicePrice (PKR)
Organic Henna450
Party Henna – Light Design500
Party Henna – Heavy Design800
Silver Package6,000
Bronze Package8,000
Gold Package10,000
Diamond Package14,000
Heavy Feet Design1,000

Mehndi artists in Lahore are celebrated artisans who specialize in the intricate art of applying henna designs, a tradition deeply rooted in Pakistani culture. Lahore, with its rich cultural heritage and love for celebrations, has a vibrant community of mehndi artists who bring their creativity and expertise to weddings, festivals, and other special occasions.

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