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Mehndi Artists in Karachi



Mehndi Artists in Karachi

Mehndi is not only popular in Pakistan but also throughout South Asia as a trend, and on every happy occasion, whether it’s someone’s mehndi ceremony, wedding, Eid festival, or any religious occasion, people in India and Pakistan apply mehndi according to their respective events. In Pakistan, the mehndi culture has been deeply ingrained. Especially in salons, stalls dedicated to mehndi are set up. In the past, it used to be applied in shops, but now, in Karachi, because it is a very large metropolitan city, various types of artists are available here.

Similar to mehndi artists in Islamabad, there are several popular mehndi artists in Karachi. Here are some of the most renowned Mehndi artists in Karachi.

Henna Creations by Iqra:

Henna Creations by Iqra is known for her attention to detail and unique designs, Iqra brings creativity and elegance to every Mehndi application. Her henna designs are very good, and they mostly apply bridal henna. Her clients are very satisfied with them.

  • Address: Based on Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi, Pakistan 75350.
  • Contact: 0342 2302062
  • Instagram: hennacreationsby_iqra


Silver packagePKR 6,000
Bronze packagePKR 8,000
Gold packagePKR 10,000
Diamond packagePKR 14,000
Heavy Feet DesignPKR 1,000
Clients reviewing beautiful designs of Henna.

Kulsoom’s Henna:

Kulsoom is really talented at traditional henna designs. Along with applying beautiful henna, she also offers a variety of henna stencils on her website and sells 100% natural henna cones. She uses these to apply mehndi as well. Kulsoom also offers different variety deals of their products which includes:

Henna Cone (25-30g)PKR 580
Sealant Spray (30ml)PKR 250
Sealant Spray (10ml)PKR 150
Aftercare balmPKR 400
Aftercare oilPKR 180
Use her 100% natural henna cones for this beautiful design.

Henna by Taj:

Taj’s intricate and delicate designs are a testament to her skill and passion for the art of Mehndi. Her Instagram shows how perfect she is with Henna doodling. She is providing a comfortable area to do application in. Furthermore, her timings are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Detailed henna application with wonderful design

Henna by Ridma:

Two self taught sisters serving their art at your door steps. Ridma puts a modern spin on traditional Mehndi designs, making them perfect for celebrating Eid in a new way. They also provide home service all over Karachi from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Young people really like her designs because they’re fresh and exciting.

  • Address: Henna by ridma, Karachi, Pakistan 75230
  • Instagram: hennabyridma


Above Elbow Length 4 Sides + Heavy FeetPKR 30,000-35,000
Elbow Length 4 Sides + Complimentary FeetPKR 25,000-26,000
Three Quarter Length 4 Sides + Complimentary FeetPKR 20,000-22,000
Quarter Length 4 Sides + Complimentary FeetPKR 16,000-18,000
Half Quarter Length 4 Sides + Complimentary FeetPKR 12,000-14,000
Wrist Length 4 Sides + Complimentary Feet PKR 8000-9000
A beautiful Henna design on her Client’s Mayun Function

Uroos Mehndi:

Uroos has been serving since 1982, and she knows a lot of different designs. When she does Mehndi, it feels very traditional and classy. Her specialties includes Bridal mehndi and events mehndi applications. Also, she has a great experience in Mandala henna designs.

This is an invitation to celebrate chaandraat with Uroos.

Hina Khan (Hinaj Henna):

Hina Khan’s proficiency in creating elaborate and stunning Mehndi designs makes her a favorite among those seeking intricate patterns for Eid festivities.

  • Address: E-2 Ishrat Plaza, Qurtaba Market, Bahadurabad, Karachi.
  • Instagram: hinajmehndi
Mehndi Artist in Karachi
An eye catching design of henna by Hina

Hatheli by Iqra Farid:

Iqra Farid is an amazing artist. She pays close attention to every little detail, and her Mehndi designs are absolutely stunning. When you look at them, you can’t help but feel amazed and fascinated.

Party Henna Pricing by Signature Artist:

Light ThemePKR 750-1000/Side
Medium ThemePKR 1000-1500/Side
Heavy ThemePKR 1500-2000/Side
Bareek Henna PKR 1500-3500/Side

Bridal Henna Pricing by Signature Artist:

Bronze PackagePKR 6500-9500
Silver PackagePKR 10,000-13,500
Gold PackagePKR 15,000-20,000
Platinum PackagePKR 21,000-30,000
Addons like Mughal art,
Calligraphic Names,
PKR 1000-2000
Mehndi Artist in Karachi
A perfect henna application on the occasion of Eid

Henna by Saamia:

Saamia is really good at mixing old designs with new ones. She is bridal henna expert. Also she makes Mehndi designs that never go out of style but still look modern and cool. She also provides Henna Classes for the clients.

Mehndi Artist in Karachi
Her client Urooba’s Bridal Henna

Beyond weddings, mehndi artists in Karachi also play a vital role in cultural events, religious celebrations, and festivals like Eid, where henna application is a cherished tradition. Their talent and creativity contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Karachi’s cultural landscape, preserving age-old customs while embracing innovation and modernity.

You can also check the mehndi artists in Lahore.

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