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Shab e Meraj Nawafil in Urdu



Shab e Miraj Nawafil

On the blessed night of 27 Rajab, Muslims will offer prayers, recite the Holy Quran, offer Shab e Meraj Nawafil, and spend the night praying to ALLAH. It is believed anything requested in prayers this night is accepted.

Isra Miraj

A detail analysis of Isra Miraj

Shab e Meraj Ibadat, Prayers & Duas

The essence of this night lies in Ibadat, prayers, and Quranic recitation. Ever since the Prophet’s journey to the Heavens, Shab e Miraj has held immense importance for Muslims, evoking great joy among the Prophet’s companions. Since then, Muslims have dedicated this night to prayer, strengthening their connection with Allah Almighty.

The true essence of this blessed night lies in Ibadat, prayers, and Quranic recitation, which have gained immense significance for Muslims since the Prophet’s journey to the Heavens. It brought great joy to the Prophet’s companions, and ever since, Muslims have dedicated this night to prayer, strengthening their bond with Allah Almighty.

Scholars and Muslim leaders emphasize the importance of Ibadat, with various reports linking its observance to blessings and honor on the Day of Judgement. Hazrat Salman Farsi RA quoted the Prophet (PBUH), highlighting the blessings bestowed upon those who spend Shab e Miraj in prayer and Quran recitation. It’s emphasized that Muslims should prioritize offering prayers and spending time in mosques during this night, although Ibadat can also be performed at home. In essence, Ibadat during Shab e Miraj holds special significance for Muslims, marking it as a gift from Allah celebrated for centuries.

Shab e Miraj Nawafil Namaz

Nawafil in Islamic terms is a special prayer in the form of Namaz. They are not obligatory but are recommended for Muslims to offer whenever they have time. On this night, Shab e Meraj Nawafil becomes even more important and more valuable. The offer for Shab e Meraj Nawafil to be offered this night is manifold.

shab e meraj nawafil ka tarika

One can also recite other Masnoon Duain such as Dua e Qunoot with Urdu translation.

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