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A Comprehensive List of Sahiwal Postal Code



tehsil sahiwal postal code

An Overview

Sahiwal is a vibrant city nestled in the heart of Punjab, Pakistan. In 1967, the city underwent a name change from Montgomery to Sahiwal, paying tribute to the esteemed indigenous cattle breed of the region. Sahiwal, renowned for its agricultural expanses, serves as a cornerstone in bolstering the nation’s agrarian economy. As we delve deeper, we’ll focus on Sahiwal postal code system, highlighting the importance of these codes in streamlining communication and logistical operations.

What is a Postal Code?

A postal code, also known as a ZIP code in some countries, is a series of letters, numbers, or both, assigned to a specific geographic area by postal authorities. Postal codes are used to facilitate the sorting, routing, and delivery of mail and packages to their intended destinations. Each postal code typically corresponds to a particular area, such as a neighborhood, town, or city, and helps postal workers efficiently organize and distribute mail within a postal service’s jurisdiction. Postal codes are essential for ensuring accurate and timely mail delivery and are widely used in postal systems worldwide.

The Significance of Postal Codes

Postal codes are pivotal in optimizing mail delivery and organizing geographic areas. Sahiwal postal codes are specifically crafted to pinpoint distinct regions within the city, guaranteeing the efficient and precise delivery of mail and packages.

Often underestimated in their simplicity, postal codes play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of mail delivery systems. These alphanumeric codes, allocated to specific geographic areas, streamline the sorting and delivery of mail, parcels, and packages. Their importance lies in expediting accuracy and speed in distribution.

Firstly, postal codes pinpoint exact locations within cities or regions, particularly vital in large urban areas where neighborhoods may share similar street names. Acting as unique identifiers, they ensure mail reaches the correct destination, minimizing the risk of loss.

Secondly, postal codes optimize sorting processes in postal facilities. Sorting centers utilize these codes to categorize and route mail efficiently, handling large volumes with precision, reducing delays and errors.

Moreover, in the digital age, postal codes are integral to logistics and supply chains. Online retailers, delivery services, and courier companies rely heavily on accurate postal codes for prompt and secure deliveries.

In essence, postal codes go beyond their simplicity, serving as essential tools in postal and courier services, maintaining organization, reliability, and swiftness in mail delivery, benefiting individuals, businesses, and the economy as a whole.

List of Sahiwal Postal Code

The Pakistan Post Office is not solely about delivering letters and parcels. It’s a key player in the country’s economy, adapting to modern communication technologies for wider service. 

Here is the list of Sahiwal Postal Codes:

Area NamePostal Code
Adda Gambeer57460
Arif Wala57450
Chak 119/13-Al 57340
Chak 120/13-Al 57330
Chak 120/9-L57130
Chak 145/9-L57180
Chak 168/9-L     57230
Chak 85/6 R (Kot Khadim Ali Shah)57070
Chak 90/9-L57030
Chak 91/6-R57100
Chak Bedi57440
Chak No.73/5-L (Moghal)57430
Chak Shafi57150
Chak No.127/Eb57490
Farid Nagar57400
Farid Town Sahiwal57050
Ghazi Abad57210
Harappa City57170
Harappa Railway Station57160
Iqbal Nagar57350
Malka Hans57110
Noor Shah57080
Pak Pattan Sharif57400
Qabula 57480
Sahiwal Government College57040
Sahiwal GPO57000
Sheikh Fazal57214

We hope you can easily navigate our comprehensive compilation of the Sahiwal postal code.   

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