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Unveiling the Vital Role of Pakistan Post Office: Services, History, and Impact



Pakistan post office

The Pakistan Post Office isn’t just about delivering letters and parcels. It’s a key player in the country’s economy, adapting to modern communication technologies for wider service. Beyond its traditional role, it now expands into various services. Ensuring safe and affordable delivery of mail and financial materials is its commitment. Explore It Beyond presents a comprehensive guide to the multifaceted operations of the Pakistan Post Office.

History of Pakistan Post Office

The Pakistan Post has a rich history deeply woven into the fabric of the nation. Its origins trace back to the pre-independence era when it operated as the North Western Railway Post in the early 20th century during British rule. After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the postal system underwent significant restructuring, evolving into the Pakistan Post Office.

The year 1947 marked the initiation of its operations under the title of the Department of Post and Telegraph. It gained autonomy from the Telegraph & Telephone department in 1962, commencing its independent functions the subsequent year. Over the years, it has expanded its services, transitioning from traditional mail handling to a multifunctional entity.

The Pakistan Post has continuously modernized, incorporating advanced technologies and services to cater to the diverse needs of its citizens. From facilitating communication between regions and supporting businesses to offering financial services like money orders and savings schemes, the Pakistan Post Office stands as a testament to the country’s progress and commitment to serving its people.

Pakistan Post Office Network

Through an extensive network comprising approximately 13,000 post offices across Pakistan, Pakistan Post extends its postal services to even the most remote areas of the country. Catering to roughly 20 million households and businesses, it operates as a vital community service provider. Beyond its conventional role, Pakistan Post acts as a government agent, managing tasks on behalf of both federal and provincial governments. This encompasses operations such as running a savings bank and postal life insurance, tax collection, and handling utility bill payments for services like electricity, water, gas, and telecommunications.

Adhering to the Universal Postal Union’s strategies, Pakistan Post ensures secure and prompt delivery of mail, finances, and materials at an affordable rate. Leveraging people, streamlined processes, technology, and innovative product offerings, it orchestrates a universal postal service network. Furthermore, it stands as a distinguished courier service within Pakistan.

Services by Pakistan Post Office

Despite its name, Pakistan Post doesn’t limit itself to traditional postal services; its operations extend across various domains. Leveraging its national identity, strong brand recognition, and a vast network of post offices nationwide, Pakistan Post holds a unique position contributing significantly to the economic and social progress of Pakistan. As the principal government agency, it’s entrusted with implementing fundamental policies and currently offers a diverse array of services on behalf of numerous federal and provincial government ministries.

Express Post

The express mail service ensures swift and secure delivery of parcels containing various items and documents to their destination. This rapid domestic shipping option, available at reasonable rates, offers different categories of services:

  1. UMS: A swift and secure overnight service that ensures delivery within two business days. It allows for efficient tracking of shipments through a computerized system.
  2. EMS: Facilitating quick postal article communication within various domestic regions, with a maximum weight capacity of 30 kg.
  3. EMS+: A faster and more cost-effective option compared to EMS, connecting 173 countries worldwide. With expanding operational offices, it delivers packages to their destination within 72 hours.
  4. FMS: Uses modern methods for the secure and expedited communication of postal documents.
  5. UMS COD: This service caters to local and city-to-city deliveries, available in nearly 226 locations globally. It’s a new offering that delivers express-post purchased items on the same day, mainly used in major metropolitan areas.

Financial Services

Pakistan Express offers various financial services to its customers, including:

  • FMO: This secure service enables transactions in Pakistani rupees, allowing users to send up to PKR 50,000/- to recipients. For amounts exceeding 20,000 Pakistani Rupees, the payee must collect it from the postal office.
  • UMO: A swift and convenient method to send money within Pakistan, ensuring doorstep delivery for the payee. It’s an efficient service, ideal for quick money orders starting from a minimum amount of PKR 20,000/-.
  • EMO: Electronic Money Order is an online service recognized for its speed and reliability, providing a swift and secure electronic money transfer option, making it among the top online payment methods in Pakistan.

International Services

Pakistan Post, a government-operated entity, offers postal services domestically and globally. It partners with other postal services to ensure the secure and reliable delivery of packages.

The Pakistan EMS service functions across various countries, utilizing international couriers to transport packages containing items to their intended destinations.

Delivery Time

Pakistan Post offers customers in Pakistan various delivery options tailored to suit each package’s requirements and urgency in reaching its destination. Each option comes with different pricing, which may vary based on the type of items being shipped.

Typically, the standard domestic delivery within Pakistan takes around three business days. However, customers can obtain precise delivery estimates from Pakistan Postal Service and track their packages to monitor their status.

For international deliveries, Pakistan Post supports standard international packages, which usually take about five to six business days for delivery. Nevertheless, the actual delivery timeline can vary depending on the recipient’s location, sometimes extending up to six additional days. Shipments sent from remote areas might experience further delays in reaching their final destinations.

Tracking Pakistan Post Parcels

Pakistan Post utilizes various strategies, partners, and logistics to ensure secure and reliable delivery, making the post-processing phase more intricate. With busy schedules, people seek ways to track their packages and anticipate their arrival times.

In Pakistan, various methods are employed for international and domestic tracking. Regardless of the chosen postal service, Ship24 offers a dependable solution for comprehensive Pak postal tracking from start to finish.

Additionally, several package tracking apps are in operation, facilitating the monitoring of millions of deliveries.

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