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Mohammad Rizwan | Pakistan Cricket Player



Mohammad Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan is a remarkable Pakistani cricketer known for his exceptional wicket-keeping and consistent batting. Born on June 1, 1992, in Peshawar, he rose from the busy streets of his hometown to become a key player in international cricket. Rizwan is admired not only for his skill on the field but also for his dedication and hard work. His journey from local cricket to the international stage is inspiring, and he continues to win the hearts of cricket fans worldwide with his outstanding performances and humble personality.

Personal Information

Full NameMohammad Rizwan
Date of BirthJune 1, 1992
Place of BirthPeshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Height5 ft 7 in
Batting StyleRight-handed
Bowling StyleRight-arm medium
RoleTop-order batsman, Wicket Keeper

Early Life and Background

Family Background

Mohammad Rizwan was born into a supportive family in Peshawar. His father, Akhter Parvez, played a significant role in his upbringing, giving an environment that encouraged Rizwan’s love for cricket. The strong support from his family laid a solid foundation for his future career.


Details about Mohammad Rizwan’s formal education are less documented. It is known, however, that his primary focus was on cricket from an early age, dedicating most of his time and energy to honing his skills in the sport. In 2023, Babar Azam and Rizwan enrolled in the executive education program of Harvard Business School focused on the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports (BEMS), making them the first cricketers to attend the esteemed program. The program was held from May 31 to June 3 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Pakistani cricketers Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan infront of Harvard Business School

Early Interest in Cricket

Rizwan showed a keen interest in cricket from a young age. He spent hours practicing on the streets and local grounds of Peshawar, showcasing his passion and dedication.

Youth Career

Rizwan showed a good interest in cricket from a very young age. He spent countless hours practicing on the streets and local grounds of Peshawar, demonstrating his passion and dedication to the game. His early commitment to cricket set the stage for his later success.

Domestic Career

Teams Played For

Peshawar (First-class debut: 2008–09 season):

Mohammad Rizwan began his first-class career with the Peshawar team during the 2008-09 season, showcasing his potential as a reliable wicket-keeper and batsman.

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (2011–12 season):

Rizwan moved to Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited for the 2011-12 season, where he further honed his skills and established himself in the domestic circuit.

Pakistan A:

Rizwan has also been a crucial part of Pakistan A, representing the team in various international tours and series, gaining valuable experience.

Punjab (2018 Pakistan Cup):

In the 2018 Pakistan Cup, he played for Punjab, where he made a significant impact with his batting prowess.

Federal Areas (2019 Pakistan Cup):

Rizwan continued to impress in the 2019 Pakistan Cup, this time representing the Federal Areas team.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (2019–20 Quaid-e-Azam Trophy):

Rizwan’s journey with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa began in the 2019-20 Quaid-e-Azam Trophy, where he contributed significantly to the team’s success.

Sussex (County Championship and T20 cricket in 2022):

Expanding his horizons, Rizwan joined Sussex in 2022, playing both County Championship and T20 cricket, gaining exposure in English domestic cricket.

Notable Performances

  • Scored 224 in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy final (2014–15): One of Rizwan’s standout performances came in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy final during the 2014-15 season, where he scored a remarkable 224 runs, highlighting his batting capabilities.
  • Highest List A score of 140 off 123 balls (2018 Pakistan Cup): Rizwan’s highest List A score came in the 2018 Pakistan Cup, where he smashed 140 runs off 123 balls, demonstrating his aggressive yet controlled batting style.
  • Player of the tournament in the 2019–20 National T20 Cup: In the 2019-20 National T20 Cup, Rizwan was named Player of the Tournament, scoring 215 runs and taking six wickets, underlining his all-round abilities.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Player of the tournament in various domestic competitions: Rizwan has received multiple accolades as the Player of the Tournament in various domestic competitions, reflecting his consistent performance.
  • Retained by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the 2020–21 season: Due to his stellar performances, Rizwan was retained by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the 2020-21 season, ensuring his continued contribution to the team.
Mohammad Rizwan in action during a domestic cricket match, showcasing his batting skills with a powerful shot.

International Career

Mohammad Rizwan is a prominent Pakistani cricketer known for his consistency and remarkable performances across all formats of the game. He is a wicketkeeper-batsman who has become a key player for Pakistan. Over the years, Rizwan has been praised for his technical proficiency, adaptability, and resilience.

International Debut

ODI Debut:

Mohammad Rizwan made his One Day International (ODI) debut on April 17, 2015, against Bangladesh. Though Pakistan lost the match, Rizwan’s performance hinted at his potential.

Mohammad Rizwan Playing a beautiful vertical shot in his debut match against Bangladesh

T20I Debut:

Mohammad Rizwan debuted in T20 Internationals (T20Is) on April 24, 2015, also against Bangladesh. This match marked the beginning of Rizwan’s journey in the shortest format of the game, where he would later achieve significant milestones.

Mohammad Rizwan playing for Pakistan for the first time in T-20 against Bangladesh

Test Debut:

Mohammad Rizwan’s Test debut came on November 25, 2016, against New Zealand. Despite the challenges of Test cricket, Rizwan’s determination and skill were evident from the outset.

Mohammad Rizwan in his first Test International Match Leading from the front.

Major Achievements

Mohammad Rizwan has achieved several notable milestones in his career:

First player to score 2000 runs in a calendar year in T20s (2021):

Mohammad Rizwan made history by becoming the first cricketer to score over 2000 runs in T20 matches in a single year, a testament to his consistent performance.

Mohammad Rizwan became the first batter to score 2,000 runs in Twenty20 cricket in a calendar year in 2021.

ICC Men’s T20I Cricketer of the Year (2021):

His exceptional performance throughout the year earned him the prestigious title of ICC Men’s T20I Cricketer of the Year.

Wisden Cricketer of the Year (2021):

Mohammad Rizwan’s outstanding achievements were recognized globally when he was named one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year.

Leading run-scorer in T20 Internationals in a calendar year:

With 1326 runs in 26 innings, Mohammad Rizwan set a record for the most T20I runs scored in a calendar year 2021.

Key Performances

Mohammad Rizwan’s career is highlighted by several key performances that underline his importance to the Pakistani cricket team:

  • First ODI century against Australia (2019): Mohammad Rizwan scored his maiden ODI century against a strong Australian side, showcasing his ability to perform against top-tier teams.
  • First Test century against South Africa (2021): In a Test series against South Africa, Mohammad Rizwan scored his first Test century, proving his mettle in the longest format of the game.
  • First T20I century against South Africa (2021): Rizwan’s first T20I century came against South Africa, a performance that solidified his reputation as a leading T20 batsman.

Records and Milestones

Mohammad Rizwan’s career is decorated with numerous records and milestones. Notably,

  • Most T20I runs in a calendar year (2021): Rizwan holds the record for scoring the most runs in T20 Internationals in a single year, an achievement that highlights his consistency and skill in the format.
  • Fastest to multiple centuries in T20Is and Tests: Rizwan’s ability to score centuries quickly in both T20Is and Tests demonstrates his versatility and high level of performance across different formats.

Playing Style and Skills

Batting Style and Strengths

Mohammad Rizwan is a right-handed batsman known for his consistent performance and versatility. He is skilled at playing both defensive and aggressive shots, making him adaptable to different match situations. Mohammad Rizwan excels in playing spin and fast bowling, showing great technique and composure. He is particularly strong in playing shots through the off-side and is adept at rotating the strike, keeping the scoreboard moving.

Bowling Style and Specialties

Rizwan is primarily a wicketkeeper-batsman and does not bowl regularly in professional cricket. On rare occasions when he does bowl, he bowls right-arm medium pace.

Fielding Abilities

As a wicketkeeper, Mohammad Rizwan is highly skilled and reliable. He has quick reflexes, excellent glove work, and is known for his agility behind the stumps. Therefore, his ability to take sharp catches and effect quick stumpings makes him a key player in the field.

Signature Moves/Deliveries

Rizwan is known for his signature cover drive, played with precise timing and placement. Behind the stumps, his quick stumping off spin bowlers is often a highlight in matches. Overall, Mohammad Rizwan is a dynamic cricketer whose contributions with the bat and behind the stumps make him an invaluable asset to his team.

Stats and Records

Test Matches

Matches Played:

Mohammad Rizwan has played 30 Test matches. Test cricket is the longest format of the game, and playing this many matches shows his experience and endurance.

Runs Scored:

He has scored 1616 runs in these matches. This indicates his ability to stay at the crease for long periods and score runs consistently.

Batting Average:

His batting average in Test matches is 40.40. This means that, on average, he scores over 40 runs every time he bats, which is a good indicator of his reliability and skill.


Rizwan has scored 1 century and 11 half-centuries in Test cricket. His maiden Test century came against South Africa in February 2021, where he scored 115 not out in Rawalpindi, which was a significant achievement in his career.

ODI Matches

Matches Played:

Mohammad Rizwan has played 74 One Day International (ODI) matches, demonstrating his versatility in different formats.

Runs Scored:

Muhammad Rizwan has scored 2088 runs in ODIs, contributing significantly to the team’s totals.

Batting Average:

Mohammad Rizwan’s batting average in ODIs is 40.15, reflecting his consistent performance.


Rizwan has hit 3 centuries and 15 half-centuries in ODIs. His first ODI century was against Australia in March 2019, where he scored 115 in Sharjah, showcasing his ability to perform against strong teams.

T20I Matches

Matches Played:

Mohammad Rizwan’s most favorite and best game is to play in T20 International Matches. He has played 98 T20 International (T20I) matches, making him a seasoned player in the shortest format.

Runs Scored:

In T20Is, Rizwan has scored 3203 runs. His ability to score quickly and efficiently has been crucial for Pakistan.

Batting Average:

His batting average in T20Is is an impressive 49.27, indicating his exceptional performance in T20 cricket.


Rizwan has scored 1 century and 28 half-centuries in T20Is. His first T20I century was against South Africa in February 2021, where he scored 104 not out in Lahore, a standout performance in his career.

Domestic and Other T20 Leagues

Pakistan Super League Career


Lahore Qalandars (2016–2017):

Rizwan started his PSL career with Lahore Qalandars in 2016. However, his two-year stint with the team was disappointing, as Lahore Qalandars failed to qualify for the playoffs in both seasons. Moreover, Rizwan’s individual performance during this period was below expectations, as he only managed to score 233 runs in 16 matches.

Karachi Kings (2018–2020):

Subsequently, he played for Karachi Kings in the next three editions of the PSL from 2018 to 2020. Despite becoming Pakistan’s first-choice wicketkeeper-batsman in international cricket, he struggled to establish himself as a regular team player for Kings. Instead, he often only featured as a lower-order batsman, rather than his preferred position in the top order.

Multan Sultans (2021–present):

Rizwan’s breakthrough in the PSL came in 2021 when he joined Multan Sultans as their captain. Under Rizwan’s captaincy, Sultans achieved remarkable success in the PSL. In his first season as the captain, he led the team to victory. Furthermore, they finished as the runner-ups in the next two tournaments.

Individually, Rizwan saw his peak with the Sultans, as he managed to score 1596 runs from 2021 to 2023. Notably, he won the Hanif Mohammad Cap for being the highest run scorer in PSL 8. Additionally, he became the only batsman to score 500+ runs in three PSL seasons. In February 2023, while playing against Karachi Kings in PSL 8, he hit his second T20 century and his first PSL century, an unbeaten 110 off 64 deliveries at the Multan Cricket Stadium.

Notable Performances

  • Led Multan Sultans to their first PSL title in 2021: Rizwan’s leadership was instrumental in Multan Sultans winning their first PSL title in 2021, showcasing his captaincy skills along with his batting.
  • Scored 1596 runs from 2021 to 2023, winning the Hanif Mohammad Cap: Between 2021 and 2023, Rizwan scored an impressive 1596 runs, earning the Hanif Mohammad Cap for being the highest run-scorer in PSL 8.
  • Scored his first PSL century (unbeaten 110 off 64 balls) in 2023: In 2023, Rizwan hit his first PSL century, an unbeaten 110 off 64 balls, marking a significant milestone in his T20 career.


Only batsman to score 500+ runs in three consecutive PSL seasons: Rizwan holds the record for being the only batsman to score over 500 runs in three consecutive PSL seasons, underscoring his consistency and dominance in the league.

Muhammad Rizwan became the only batsman to score 500+ runs in consecutive three PSL seasons 6, 7 and 8.

Captaincy and Leadership

Captaincy Record

Vice-Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team:

Mohammad Rizwan serves as the vice-captain for Pakistan in both T20 Internationals (T20Is) and Test matches. His role as vice-captain highlights his leadership qualities and the trust the team management places in him.

Captain of Multan Sultans:

Mohammad Rizwan is the captain of the Multan Sultans in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Under his leadership, the team won their first PSL title in 2021. His captaincy was instrumental in guiding the team to victory, showcasing his ability to lead in high-pressure situations.

Leadership Style

Calm Demeanor:

Rizwan is known for his calm and composed behavior on the field. This calmness helps him make rational decisions during tense moments in matches, earning the respect of his teammates and opponents alike.

Strategic Acumen:

He possesses a keen strategic mind, which allows him to plan and execute game strategies effectively. His understanding of the game and ability to read situations have been pivotal in his success as a leader.

Notable Series Wins

One of the most significant achievements of Rizwan’s captaincy career is leading the Multan Sultans to their first PSL title in 2021. His leadership was a key factor in the team’s success, as he managed to bring out the best in his players and steer the team through challenging matches to emerge victorious

Off the Field

Personal Life


Mohammad Rizwan was born on June 1, 1992, in Peshawar, Pakistan. He comes from a humble background and has often spoken about the strong influence of his family in his life. Rizwan values his family’s support and credits them for his success both on and off the cricket field. His family has always been a source of inspiration and strength for him


Rizwan is a private person when it comes to his personal life, but it is known that he is married. He has kept details about his spouse mostly away from the public eye, respecting their privacy. Rizwan’s wife has been a supportive partner, standing by him throughout his cricketing journey.


Rizwan is a proud father. He has two daughters whom he often mentions in interviews and social media posts. His love for his daughters is evident, and he cherishes the moments he spends with her. Rizwan’s family life is a source of joy and motivation for him.

Mohammad Rizwan, a dedicated cricketer on and off the field, enjoys a joyful moment with his daughters.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of cricket, Mohammad Rizwan has a variety of hobbies and interests. He enjoys spending time with his family, which helps him relax and recharge. Rizwan is also known for his love of reading, particularly religious and motivational books. This habit reflects his introspective and thoughtful nature. Additionally, he enjoys playing other sports, especially football, which helps him stay fit and agile.

Philanthropy and Charity Work

Mohammad Rizwan is not just a star on the field but also a kind-hearted individual who believes in giving back to the community. Moreover, he has been involved in various charitable activities and philanthropic endeavors. Rizwan actively participates in initiatives that support education and healthcare for underprivileged children. In addition to this, he believes in using his fame and resources to make a positive impact on society. His charitable work often focuses on improving the lives of those less fortunate, reflecting his compassionate and empathetic nature.

Controversies and Challenges

Major Controversies

Captaincy and Team Dynamics:

  • During Pakistan’s tour of New Zealand in December 2020, Rizwan was named the captain for the T20 series after Babar Azam was ruled out due to injury. The decision sparked debates among cricket analysts and fans, with some questioning Rizwan’s leadership abilities and others supporting the move given his consistent performances.

Conflict with Management:

  • There were reports in early 2021 of tensions between Rizwan and the team management regarding his role in the batting order. Some sources suggested that Rizwan preferred to open the innings in T20s, which led to discussions about the optimal batting lineup for Pakistan.

Public Statements and Social Media:

  • Rizwan, known for his devout religious beliefs, has occasionally made statements that sparked discussions on social media. For example, his open expressions of faith, such as praying on the field and dedicating his performances to religious sentiments, received mixed reactions from the public. While many admired his devotion, others felt it should be kept more private.


Early Career Setbacks:

  • Rizwan faced several injuries early in his career, which hindered his progress. Persistent issues with his back and hamstring affected his performance and led to periods of rehabilitation and recovery.

2018 Hand Injury:

  • In 2018, Rizwan suffered a significant hand injury during a domestic match, which required surgery and an extended break from cricket. This injury was a major setback as it occurred when he was trying to cement his place in the national team.

Injury During 2021 T20 World Cup:

  • Rizwan played through severe pain during the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup. Despite suffering from a chest infection and spending two nights in the ICU, he delivered a match-winning performance in the semi-final against Australia. His resilience and dedication were widely praised, but the incident highlighted the physical challenges he faced.


Domestic Cricket Resurgence (2018-2019):

  • After recovering from his hand injury in 2018, Rizwan returned to domestic cricket with a renewed focus. His consistent performances in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy and Pakistan Cup showcased his resilience and determination to make a comeback to the national team.

2019-2020 International Comeback:

  • Rizwan’s performances in domestic cricket earned him a recall to the national team in 2019. He made a significant impact in the ODI series against Australia in the UAE, scoring two centuries and proving his worth as a reliable middle-order batsman and wicketkeeper.

Leadership Role and Stellar Performances (2020-2021):

  • Rizwan’s appointment as the T20I vice-captain in 2020 marked a turning point in his career. He led the team in Babar Azam’s absence during the New Zealand tour and established himself as a key player in all formats. His performances, particularly in T20Is, where he scored consistently and played crucial innings, solidified his place in the team.

2021 T20 World Cup:

  • Despite health challenges, Rizwan’s outstanding performance in the 2021 T20 World Cup, including a memorable semi-final against Australia, was a testament to his perseverance and skill. His ability to perform under pressure and contribute significantly to the team’s success was widely acknowledged.

Legacy and Impact

Impact on the Game

Consistent Performer:

Mohammad Rizwan has become one of Pakistan’s most reliable cricketers, especially in T20 internationals. His consistent performances at the top of the order have been crucial for the team, setting strong foundations in many matches.

Role Model for Aspiring Cricketers:

Rizwan’s journey from domestic cricket to the international stage has inspired many young cricketers in Pakistan. His dedication, hard work, and ability to overcome setbacks serve as a powerful example for those aiming to represent their country.

Strengthening Pakistan’s Batting Lineup:

Known for his solid technique and calm demeanor, Rizwan has been a stabilizing force in Pakistan’s batting lineup. His ability to anchor the innings while also accelerating the scoring rate when needed has made him a key player in all formats of the game.

Enhanced Wicketkeeping Standards:

As a wicketkeeper, Rizwan’s quick reflexes and sharp skills behind the stumps have set a high standard. His proficiency with the gloves has contributed to Pakistan’s strong fielding unit, often turning matches with crucial catches and stumpings.

Inspirations and Mentorship

Guidance from Senior Players:

Rizwan has often spoken about the support and advice he has received from senior players like Sarfaraz Ahmed and Shoaib Malik. Their mentorship has helped him refine his skills and navigate the pressures of international cricket.

Religious and Personal Beliefs:

Rizwan’s strong faith and personal discipline have been central to his approach both on and off the field. He credits his religious beliefs for keeping him grounded and focused, providing him with the strength to overcome challenges.

Influence on Young Cricketers:

As a senior player, Rizwan actively mentors younger teammates, sharing his experiences and providing guidance. His work ethic and positive attitude have made him a respected figure in the dressing room and an inspiration for the next generation of Pakistani cricketers.

Rizwan Wins Hearts by Gifting Spikes to Talented Net Bowler

Quotes by/from Player

On His Faith and Cricket:

  • “My faith gives me strength and clarity. Every time I step onto the field, I play with the intention of giving my best and leaving the rest to God.”

On Teamwork and Success:

  • “Cricket is a team sport. Individual performances are important, but it’s the collective effort that wins matches. I am proud to be part of a team that supports and believes in each other.”

From Coaches and Teammates:

  • “Rizwan’s dedication to the game is unmatched. He trains harder than anyone else and his commitment is an inspiration for all of us.” – Babar Azam
  • “He is not just a great player, but also a wonderful human being. His positivity and work ethic make a huge difference in the team.” – Misbah-ul-Haq

Media and Endorsements

Media Appearances

Television Interviews:

Rizwan frequently appears on popular sports channels like Geo Super and PTV Sports. In these interviews, he discusses his cricket career, shares personal anecdotes, and provides insights into team dynamics. His candid and humble demeanor resonates with viewers, making these appearances well-received.

Cricket Shows and Analysis:

Rizwan is a regular guest on cricket analysis shows, especially during major tournaments like the ICC World Cup and the Pakistan Super League (PSL). He provides expert analysis and commentary, offering valuable perspectives on game strategies, player performances, and match outcomes.


Sports Brands:

Rizwan endorses major sports brands like Gray-Nicolls for cricket equipment. He often features in promotional campaigns for these brands, showcasing the latest cricket gear and apparel. His association with reputable brands enhances his credibility and appeal.

Health and Fitness Products:

Given his focus on fitness, Rizwan endorses various health supplements and fitness products. He promotes protein powders, energy drinks, and fitness gadgets that align with his image as a dedicated athlete. His endorsements often come with personal testimonials about how these products help him maintain peak performance.

Commercial Advertisements:

Rizwan has appeared in commercials for a range of products, from mobile phones to banking services. These advertisements typically highlight his success story and perseverance, linking his personal brand with reliability and trustworthiness.

Future Plans

Post-Retirement Plans

Mohammad Rizwan has expressed interest in taking up coaching roles after his playing career ends. He aims to mentor young cricketers, sharing his experiences and knowledge to help them succeed at the international level. His dedication to the game and understanding of its nuances make him a promising future coach.

Involvement in Cricket Post-Retirement

Mohammad Rizwan might take on administrative roles within cricket organizations, such as the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). His firsthand experience as a player would be valuable in shaping policies and making decisions that benefit the sport. His involvement in cricket administration could help in improving the infrastructure and management of the game in Pakistan.


Mohammad Rizwan’s journey from the streets of Peshawar to the international cricketing arena is a testament to his talent and unwavering commitment. He has not only established himself as a key player for Pakistan but has also become a role model for young cricketers. With his remarkable records and achievements, Rizwan’s legacy in Pakistani cricket is set to shine for years to come. His exemplary performances and humble personality make him a cherished figure in the cricketing world.

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