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Best Places for Iftar Buffets in Lahore 2024 – Updated Menu and Prices



iftar buffets lahore

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

The holy month Ramadan is here with its blessings to refresh souls and delicious food to enjoy before sunrises and after sunsets. Lahore is the city of food with pretty sights and witty nights. The hype of Lahori food is beyond doubt when it’s about Ramadan. It has many beautiful restaurants with various cuisines, from national to international. You can have whatever you wish for in Lahore. So, if you live in Lahore and want to make your Ramadan special, here are some places you can visit for a delicious Iftar buffets in Lahore.

In Ramadan, many restaurants and cafes shift their clocks with the time of Sehar and Iftar. They offer different deals and packages with pocket-friendly discounts for people to taste the best iftar Buffet in Lahore. Explore it Beyond is providing you the list of the top Iftar buffet restaurants in Lahore to hang out with family and friends during Ramadan and lock memories forever. Their delicious, reasonably priced food is perfect for ordering and filling the tummy.

List of Iftar Buffets Resturants Lahore

Here is the list of the top restaurants with iftar buffets in Lahore.

  • Monal Lahore
  • Ziafat
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Salt and Pepper Village
  • Bean N Grain
  • Bar-B-Q Tonight
  • Yum Chinese & Thai
  • Tollington Avari Hotel
  • Laung Laachi de Cafe
  • LaLQiLa
  • Kim’s Restaurant
  • The Carnival
  • NOVU
  • Bagh
  • Nayabs

Monal Lahore

Savour the essence of Ramadan at Monal, Lahore’s renowned restaurant Monal. Their Iftar buffet offers a delightful selection of traditional Pakistani cuisine and global flavors in a beautiful setting. Gather with family and friends to enjoy a memorable dining experience as you break your fast with delectable dishes at Monal.

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Charges: PKR 3190 + tax (per head) 

Contact Number: 042-35789823, 042-35789824

Address: Liberty Roundabout, Top of Parking Plaza, Lahore

Email: [email protected]


Experience the joy of breaking your fast at Ziafat Restaurant in Lahore. Their Iftar buffet offers a delicious spread of traditional Pakistani dishes and international favorites. With warm hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere, Ziafat is the perfect place to share a meal with loved ones during Ramadan. If you are looking for the best iftar buffet in Lahore, Ziafat is the one to go with your friends and family.

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Charges: PKR 2950 + tax

Contact Number: 0345-6789104

Address: Block H Gulberg 2

Email: [email protected]

Spice Bazaar

Visit Spice Bazar this Ramadan to enjoy mouth-watering food and spicy delicacies. The restaurant has got of the best cooks on board. From chicken karahi to daal to butter rice, everything is just delicious here.

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Charges: PKR 3895/head + tax

Contact Number: 0311-1122103

Address: DHA, Phase-6, T-01, Off MM Alam Road, Gulberg, 58 Main Boulevard.

Salt and Pepper Village

At Salt and Pepper, you will find delicious desi food, cooked to perfection every time you visit. 

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Charges: PKR 2995 + tax (adults)

Contact Number: 042-35750735

Address: Gulberg -3, MM Alam Road, 103/B-II, Lahore.

Bean N Grain

Bean N Grain serve, Chinese, Pakistani, BBQ, and Continental delicacies. Their ambiance and atmosphere are great and their buffet is one to try out. Moreover, their Ramadan Iftar buffet in Lahore includes barbecue, Chinese, desi dishes, desserts, salads, soups, and traditional Ramadan items. 

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Charges: Call for info

Contact Number: 0311-4927772

Address:  Garden Town, Aurangzeb Block, Lahore

Email: [email protected]

Bar-B-Q Tonight

Bar-B-Q Tonight is one of the best places to have a barbecue. It has locations in major cities of Pakistan and Lahore is luckily one of them. 

During Ramadan, they serve an Iftar buffet that offers various Pakistani dishes, barbecue, and traditional Pakistani desserts. 

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Timings: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Charges: PKR 2200 + tax (per head) 

Contact Number: 042-111-227-111

Address: Gulberg 3, 7A/3, Mehmood Kasoori Road

Yum Chinese & Thai

Want to visit a fancy place to eat with a variety of cuisines? Yum, Chinese & Thai is the place to go.

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Timings: Iftar till 8 pm

Charges: PKR 2395 + tax 

Contact Number: 0311-1122101

Address: Gulberg 2, 24 Sir Syed Rd, Block K, Lahore


Tollington at Avari hotel offers a buffet with an open-air barbecue. They have Pakistani and international dishes and their atmosphere is great for those who are looking for ways to unwind. 

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Charges: PKR 2999 + tax

Contact Number: 042-36366366

Address: Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Garhi Shahu, Avari Hotel, Lahore

Email: [email protected]

Laung Laachi de Cafe

At Laung Laachi de Café, you can enjoy delicious pasta sandwiches, steaks, and yummy desserts at their Iftar Dinner buffet. Book your table today and enjoy family time at Laung Laachi de Café. 

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Timings: Iftar till 8:30 pm

Charges: PKR 1395 + tax per head

Contact Number: 03044632878

Address: Johar Town, 910 R1, Lahore


Enjoy a flavourful experience at LalQila Restaurant’s Iftar buffet in Lahore. Feast on a diverse array of traditional Pakistani dishes and international delights in a welcoming atmosphere. Gather with loved ones and celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with delicious food and warm hospitality at LalQila.

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Timings: 6:30 pm to 8 pm

Charges: PKR 2990 + tax

Contact Number: 0311-1525551

Address: Babar Block, Garden Town.

Kim’s Restaurant

Kim’s restaurant has a classic Mughal theme that makes it a place to visit at least once. The place offers Pakistani dishes, along with Continental. Also,their buffet offers great variety without compromising on the taste. If you want a great ambiance, a luxurious environment, and good food, this is the place to go. 

Iftar Buffets in lahore

Charges: PKR 3299 + tax

Contact Number: (042) 36033589

Address: Shahra-e-Quaideazam, Avari, Lahore.

The Carnival

Enjoy a wide variety of dishes at “The Carnival” restaurant in Lahore, from traditional Pakistani favorites to international cuisines, all prepared with care to satisfy your cravings. With its lively atmosphere and friendly service, “The Carnival” is the ideal place to gather with family and friends and celebrate the blessings of Ramadan. Treat yourself to a stylish Iftar experience at “The Carnival,” where every bite brings joy and deliciousness.

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Charges: 2499 + tax

Contact Number: 0317 7775179

Address: 118 P Block, MM Alam Rd, Block P Gulberg 2.


Want a comfortable combo of Chinese and Thai, NOVU is the answer. With a delicious range of meals, desserts, and a special soup each day, all your cravings will be satisfied here. 

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Timings: Iftar till 8 pm

Charges: PKR 2650 + tax

Contact Number: 0331-9296688

Address: Hussain Chowk, Gulberg III, Lahore.


If you want to savor some juicy BBQ and gravy dishes, this is the place to visit. They offer Iftar Dinner with live cooking to bring fresh food to your table. 

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Timings: Iftar till 8 pm

Charges: PKR 2975 + tax

Contact Number: 0320-9992244

Address: Gulberg 3, Off MM Alam Road, HEC Park, Block B2

Nayyab’s Restaurant

Discover the flavors of Ramadan at Nayab Restaurant’s Iftar buffets in Lahore. Delight in a diverse array of Pakistani and Continental dishes, carefully crafted to satisfy every palate. With its welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff, Nayab Restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for family and friends to come together and share in the spirit of Ramadan. Experience the joy of breaking your fast with delicious food and warm hospitality at Nayab Restaurant, where every bite is a celebration of togetherness and tradition.

Iftar Buffets in Lahore

Timings: Iftar till 8 pm

Charges: PKR 2945 + tax

Contact Number: 0300-1193338

Address: 33A, Block M, Johar Town.


Get ready to indulge in the ultimate iftar buffet deals in lahore experience this Ramadan in Lahore. With their mouthwatering dishes and inviting ambiance, these Restaurant promises a memorable culinary journey for you and your loved ones. Prepare your appetite and get ready to delight in the festivities of Ramadan with these top Restaurants’ Iftar Buffets in Lahore.

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