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How To Unlock Jazz 4G Device In 2024



How to Unlock Jazz 4g Device

If you are the owner of a Jazz 4G device and cannot seem to unlock it, go through this article carefully and follow the steps of how to unlock Jazz 4G device.

Why Unlocking Your Jazz 4g Device?

Choose any Network: You can choose any network by unlocking the Jazz 4g Device. Switching to other networks can give you better pricing and offers.

Cost saving: Instead of buying a new device for every operator, now you can use one Device for all the network operators. Isn’t it cost-saving?

More Bundles: By jazz wifi device unlock, you can subscribe to any bundle of other SIMS, including Ufone, Zong, and Telenor.

Promotional Offers: Network providers often introduce promotional offers and exclusive deals for their customers, which you can enjoy if you have an unlocked device.

How To Unlock Jazz 4G Device? Step By Step Instructions

Just follow these instructions and do the jazz wifi device unlock in minutes for free now.

  • Firstly open your pc and turn off the antivirus.
  •  Now connect your Jazz 4g device through Detachable with the PC.
  •  Now download the required drivers necessary for Jazz 4G device unlocking.
  •  Click on these to download Flash File and drivers.
  •  Downlaod Winrar or any other extraction tool to extract these files.
  •  After extracting all three files, wait a while for the data to be copied; until then, dont, unplug the Device.
  •  Then the software will ask you to enter a password; type * six times. e.g.******.
  •  The software will ask you to enter a number. In the number field, give the IMEI number provided on the back of the Jazz 4G Device.
  •  Now, write the port number. You can find the port number in the portal, which you can find in the Computer Device Manager.
  •  Now press continue.
  •  Unplug the Device and remove the battery.
  •  Add the battery again and press the WPS button for atleast 5 seconds.
  •  Connect with the Pc after the Device is turned on.
  •  Now wait until the Jazz 4g device starts writing the files. After that, your Device will be successfully unlocked.

By following these steps you will easily know the answer of your question how to unlock jazz 4g device.

How To Change Wifi Password & Name Of Jazz Device

After Jazz Wifi Device Unlock the other commonly heard questions include how can i change the name of Jazz device and how to change wifi password of jazz device?

Follow these simple steps to solve these problems.

  • First, download the Jazz Wifi App from Playstore or Apple Store.
  •  Now connect your Device to the mobile using the Jazz Wifi App.
  •  Tap on the menu bar.
  •  Tap on Settings, and then you will see a Wifi Settings option, click on it.
  •  Now you can change the device name and the SSID option.
  •  For the password, click on the Wifi key and enter the password of your choice.
  •  Click on Apply to save the settings.


What is the default password of the Jazz 4g Device?

The built-in password of Jazz 4g Device is administrator -10-. This is the default password when you buy a new Jazz 4g device. You can also change the password and make your own.

What is Jazz Wifi Device Unlock Price?

Unlocking your Jazz 4g device is free; follow the steps above to unlock your Device.

Note: Stay away from websites or people asking for money to Unlock Jazz 4g.

Can I use my unlocked Jazz 4G device with any network provider worldwide?

Once unlocked, you can use your Jazz 4G device with any network provider in Pakistan incl, including Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor.


Wrapping up in this article, Explore it Beyond have provided a brief and easy guide on How to unlock Jazz 4g device and change the Wifi password and Device name. You can also save a lot of money by doing this. It allows you to switch on any network provider in Pakistan and enjoy their promotional and exclusive deals.

Following this simple process outlined in this article, you will be successfully able to know the answers of your questions like how to unlock jazz 4g device mf673/w02 lw43. Unlock today and enjoy the freedom to switch between network operators.

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