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How to Get Nadra Arms License Registration



NADRA arms license

Possessing an illegal firearm in Pakistan is a punishable offense, carrying a minimum sentence of 7 years’ imprisonment. It is advisable for firearm owners to register their weapons with the government to avoid legal consequences. The process for acquiring a Nadra gun license involves visiting designated arms registration centers and submitting the necessary documentation. This article outlines how to get Nadra arms license registration, including the required documents and the applicable Nadra arms license fees, ensuring a comprehensive guide for obtaining your weapon license.

How to Get Nadra Arms License Registration

Similar to other services of government such as checking NADRA ID card status, checking NADRA family tree or checking CNIC number with mobile number, applying Nadra Arms License Registration has its own significance.

The government in Pakistan mandates the registration of every weapon utilized within its borders, be it for protection, hunting, or any other purpose. The country’s arms licensing system comprises two distinct categories: the prohibited bore license for fully automatic firearms and the non-prohibited bore license covering semi-automatic guns and all other types of firearms.

When obtaining your Nadra weapon license, you’ll need to gather specific documents and submit them along with your application. Here’s a step-by-step guide outlining the process for acquiring Nadra’s computerized arm license renewal.

Eligibility for Arms License

  • Citizen of Pakistan
  • Valid CNIC or NICOP
  • Age 25 years
  • Not considered unsuitable by the local police
  • Neither a proscribed person nor is a member of a proscribed organization or suspected to be involved in any anti-state activity
  • Not physically, mentally or psychologically infirm to carry a weapon

Procedure of Issuance of Arms license

  • Seeking Approval from Ministry of Interior
  • Issuance of approval letter
  • Uploading the approval on NADRA system through online process by Ministry of Interior.
  • Biometric of Licensee within prescribed period and issuance of Demand Notice (both by NADRA)
  • Purchase of Weapon from Authorized dealer and entry thereof on demand notice
  • Entry of Demand Note in respective DC Office
  • Submission of Demand Note in NADRA for issuance of Licence

Documents required for issuance of New Arms License

  • Application (Hand Written or Typed) addressed to Section Officer (Arms), M/O Interior.
  • Photocopy of CNIC (attested)
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Affidavit (Attested from Notri public)
  • Filer Documents (if any)

What is the fee for new arms license?

For PB

Govt. FeeNADRA FeeTotal


Govt. FeeNADRA FeeTotal

You can check out government of Pakistan’s Arms License page to get more insight about issuance of duplicate arms license, requirements for transfer of weapon on inheritance basis and requirements for weapon change in detail.

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