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How to Block a SIM Online In Pakistan If It Gets Stolen



How to get SIM blocked online

Learn how to block a SIM online in Pakistan if it’s stolen or lost. In a country where technology is rapidly advancing, international companies and investors are heavily investing in the mobile sector. However, with the prevalence of street crime, some individuals unfortunately lose their handsets and SIM cards. In such cases, people might not know the process to block their mobile or SIM card. Here, we provide guidance on how to block your SIM online in Pakistan if you’ve encountered this unfortunate situation.

How to Block SIM Online in Pakistan

Reach out to your network’s customer service or dial the helpline number to report your lost SIM card and provide necessary details for immediate blocking.

For SIM recovery or replacement, visit your network’s sales center or franchise with either a copy or the original of your CNIC. Complete the required formalities there to receive a new SIM card for your old number.

Step 1: Gather the Required Information

Provide your mobile number (the one you want to block) along with either your National Identity Card (NIC) number or the unique SIM verification code that was given to you during the SIM registration process.

Step 2: Contact Your Service Provider

Contact your mobile service provider to block your SIM card online. Here are the customer support contact details for some of Pakistan’s leading mobile operators:










Helpline1218 or 111 20 20 20

Apart from these, readers can check CNIC number with mobile number. NADRA also provide the online system to check the status of ID card for the ease of applicants. You can also check out the number of SIMs issued against your CNIC as mentioned by NADRA official website.

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