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Discover the Best Iftar Buffets in Karachi for a Delectable Experience



Iftar buffets in Karachi

The best time of the year Ramadan 2023 is here! It is not only a time of spiritual cleansing but also a time for family and community gatherings, especially during the time of breaking the fast, Iftar. If you want to spend quality time with your loved ones and savor delicious food, Iftar Buffets are a great option. These buffets typically offer a variety of dishes like soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts and can be enjoyed at your preferred restaurants and dining establishments.

In Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, numerous restaurants and eateries offer Iftar buffets for families and friends to break their fast together. In this blog post, you can explore some of the top Iftar buffets in Karachi.

Kolachi Restaurant

Kolachi Iftar buffet menu
Visit Kolachi Do Darya and enjoy scrumptious iftar menu

Kolachi, a well-known restaurant in Karachi, offers a breathtaking view of Do Darya that will captivate your senses. The atmosphere is serene, and the ocean view has a calming effect on your mind. Kolachi Iftar Buffet menu comprises over 50 dishes that guarantee an unforgettable Iftar experience. The buffet includes both Iftar and Dinner dishes. The Iftar menu features various items such as Dahi Baray, Samosas, Pakoras, Lahori Fish, Channa Chat, Mexican Wings, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Drinks, and Sauces. To learn more about their Iftar menu, you can contact them using the provided phone number.

Charges: PKR 1290 plus tax.

Contact Number: (021) 111111001

Address: DHA, Phase 8, Karachi.

Kababjees Restaurant

Come and enjoy a serene atmosphere by dining either indoors or in the open air at Kababjees. You’ll want to return for more after experiencing the magic and creating lasting memories. Indulge in a diverse selection of Continental and Chinese cuisines all in one place. Not to mention, their barbeque grill offers a variety of mouth-watering options. Don’t miss out on their delectable Iftar buffet that promises to satisfy your taste buds. Kababjees guarantees a delicious dining experience that you won’t forget. This iftar buffet in Karachi is only available at Do Darya and Highway outlets

Charges: PKR 2399 plus tax

Contact Number: (021) 111666111
Address: Do Darya and Highway outlet

Chaupal Restaurant

Without a doubt, Chaupal’s ambiance is visually stunning, providing a soothing place to relax after a long day of fasting in the hot weather. Both the indoor and outdoor dining areas are equally impressive and calming. During Ramadan, Chaupal serves an incredible Iftar buffet, making it an ideal location to enjoy food with your loved ones.

Charges: Rs.2850+tax (Adults) Rs.1299+tax (Kids)

Location: Seaview 

Rosati Bistro

Rosati Bistro offers customers a unique dining experience that combines both formal and casual styles. The restaurant serves one of the diverse iftar buffets in Karachi. These include menu of Italian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisines, prepared by skilled chefs who specialize in creating delicious iftar dishes. Customers can enjoy a variety of tasty foods including BBQ, desserts, and other dishes as part of the iftar menu. Additionally, the restaurant features separate indoor and outdoor lounges, which have been designed to enhance the overall dining experience.

Charges: PKR 1650 plus tax.

Contact Number: 0300 0884220

Address: Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karsaz, Karachi.


Cocochan, a well-known Asian fusion restaurant with a contemporary atmosphere, offers a variety of dishes such as sashimi, dim sum, sushi, and grilled meats, along with excellent service. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner and provides take-out and delivery options. To ensure a spot, it’s advisable to make a reservation before experiencing the amazing iftar meal at Cocochan.

Location: Tipu Sultan & Boat Basin

Charges: Rs.2290+tax (Adults) Rs.1490+tax (Kids)

Cafe Aylanto

cafe aylanto
Cafe Aylanto Iftar Buffet

Cafe Aylanto offers a great place to enjoy an iftar meal with your loved ones. Those who desire continental cuisine will find the cafe to be an ideal choice. You can choose to sit either indoors or outdoors as per your preference. The cafe offers a diverse menu consisting of items like salads, pasta, grilled meats, and seafood.

Make your Ramadan memorable for your friends and family by trying out these must-visit restaurants to break your fast.

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