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Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing 2024 – (Sehri & Iftar Timings)



Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing 2024

The comprehensive guide to Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing 2024, ensures you have accurate timings for Sehr and Iftar. Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims worldwide, a time of deep spiritual introspection, prayers, and fasting. For our dear Muslim community in Bahawalpur, this guide offers essential information to help you observe the blessed month of Ramadan smoothly.

The Complete Guide to Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing 2024

In Ramadan, Muslims fast by not eating or drinking from sunrise (Sehri) until sunset (Iftar). These timings change every day, and you can find them on Bahawalpur Sehri & Iftar Time Today.

As we get closer to Ramadan 2024, people in Bahawalpur want to know exactly when to start eating (Sehri) and when to stop (Iftar). We’ve got the Bahawalpur Ramadan Calendar 2024, including easy-to-understand Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing 2024 for Sehri and Iftar. Our schedule also includes Fiqa Jafria Sehr o Iftar Time in Bahawalpur.

Benefits of accurate Ramadan Timing 2024

Right timing ensures the validity of the fast by starting at the correct time and equally important in breaking it at the correct time. With the Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing 2024, you can rest assured that your fast is correctly observed according to the Islamic lunar calendar.

The exact date depends on the sighting of the moon, but most scholars expect Ramadan to begin in Bahawalpur on Monday, March 11th, 2024. The first Sehri will be on Tuesday, March 12th. In Bahawalpur, Ramadan paints the city with vibrant colors of devotion, togetherness, and quiet reflection. It’s a month where days hum with anticipation and nights shimmer with twinkling lights. Here’s how Bahawalpur embraces the holy month:

Sehri Time Bahawalpur

Iftar Time Bahawalpur

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Bahawalpur (SEHRI & IFTAR TIME) – Fiqa Hanafi Sunni

105:06 AM6:21 PM12 Mar 2024
205:05 AM6:22 PM13 Mar 2024
305:04 AM6:22 PM14 Mar 2024
405:03 AM6:23 PM15 Mar 2024
505:02 AM6:23 PM16 Mar 2024
605:00 AM6:24 PM17 Mar 2024
704:59 AM6:25 PM18 Mar 2024
804:58 AM6:25 PM19 Mar 2024
904:57 AM6:26 PM20 Mar 2024
1004:55 AM6:26 PM21 Mar 2024
1104:54 AM6:27 PM22 Mar 2024
1204:53 AM6:28 PM23 Mar 2024
1304:52 AM6:28 PM24 Mar 2024
1404:50 AM6:29 PM25 Mar 2024
1504:49 AM6:29 PM26 Mar 2024
1604:48 AM6:30 PM27 Mar 2024
1704:47 AM6:30 PM28 Mar 2024
1804:45 AM6:31 PM29 Mar 2024
1904:44 AM6:32 PM30 Mar 2024
2004:43 AM6:32 PM31 Mar 2024
2104:41 AM6:33 PM01 Apr 2024
2204:40 AM6:33 PM02 Apr 2024
2304:39 AM6:34 PM03 Apr 2024
2404:37 AM6:35 PM04 Apr 2024
2504:36 AM6:35 PM05 Apr 2024
2604:35 AM6:36 PM06 Apr 2024
2704:34 AM6:36 PM07 Apr 2024
2804:32 AM6:37 PM08 Apr 2024
2904:31 AM6:37 PM09 Apr 2024
3004:30 AM6:38 PM10 Apr 2024

Disclaimer: Please note there is a 01 minute preventative difference in both as Sehri ends 1 minute earlier and iftar starts with 01 minute delay.

There is a slight difference in the timings for Sehri and Iftar based on different Islamic traditions.

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Bahawalpur (SEHRI & IFTAR TIME) – Fiqa Jafri Shia

104:56 AM06:31 PM12 March 2024
204:55 AM06:32 PM13 March 2024
304:54 AM06:32 PM14 March 2024
404:53 AM06:33 PM15 March 2024
504:52 AM06:33 PM16 March 2024
604:50 AM06:34 PM17 March 2024
704:49 AM06:35 PM18 March 2024
804:48 AM06:35 PM19 March 2024
904:47 AM06:36 PM20 March 2024
1004:45 AM06:36 PM21 March 2024
1104:44 AM06:37 PM22 March 2024
1204:43 AM06:38 PM23 March 2024
1304:42 AM06:38 PM24 March 2024
1404:40 AM06:39 PM25 March 2024
1504:39 AM06:39 PM26 March 2024
1604:38 AM06:40 PM27 March 2024
1704:37 AM06:40 PM28 March 2024
1804:35 AM06:41 PM29 March 2024
1904:34 AM06:42 PM30 March 2024
2004:33 AM06:42 PM31 March 2024
2104:31 AM06:43 PM01 April 2024
2204:30 AM06:43 PM02 April 2024
2304:29 AM06:44 PM03 April 2024
2404:27 AM06:45 PM04 April 2024
2504:26 AM06:45 PM05 April 2024
2604:25 AM06:46 PM06 April 2024
2704:24 AM06:46 PM07 April 2024
2804:22 AM06:47 PM08 April 2024
2904:21 AM06:47 PM09 April 2024
3004:20 AM06:48 PM10 April 2024

Disclaimer: Please note there is a 01 minute preventative difference in both as Sehri ends 1 minute earlier and iftar starts with 01 minute delay.

Prayers and Peace

The city’s mosques are filled with worshippers especially for the nightly Taraweeh prayers, with the most notable being the Masjid Al Sadiq. Community Iftar gatherings where people break their fasts together are also a common sight. People come together to pray, listen to the Quran being read, and join in special talks to learn more about their faith. The air is filled with soft whispers and prayers, creating a strong feeling of being connected spiritually.

During the last few days of Ramadan, the local markets and bazaars in Bahawalpur like the Farid Gate and Shahi Bazaar become even more lively as people shop for new clothes, gifts, and traditional sweets in preparation for the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Charity is a significant part of Ramadan. In Bahawalpur, people give generously in forms of food and money. Many families prepare food parcels for those less fortunate, a practice known as Sadqa (charity).


In summary, Bahawalpur during Ramadan is a city that truly embodies the principles of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. The spiritual devotion, local traditions, mouth-watering food, and the intense feeling of togetherness among the people make Ramadan in Bahawalpur a truly unforgettable experience.

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If you want to know the Ramadan timings for other cities in Punjab, you can explore the detailed schedule on Explore it Beyond. Stay informed about the prayer timings and make the most of this holy month.

FAQs about Bahawalpur Ramadan Timing 2024

At what date is Ramadan starting in Bahawalpur?

The first Roza is going to be on March 12, 2024.

What is Ramadan Sehri and Iftari Time in Bahawalpur?

The Sehri time is 05:45 AM, and the Iftri time is 05:37 PM in Bahawalpur.

Do you know the exact starting time of Sehri in Bahawalpur?

The exact time for starting sehri is 05:45 AM in Bahawalpur.

What is the end time for Sehri in Bahawalpur?

The exact closing time for Sehri in Bahawalpur is 05:45 AM.

What is the opening and closing Ramadan Time in Bahawalpur?

The opening and closing Ramadan Time 2024 in Bahawalpur are, for SEHRI, it is 05:45 AM and for IFTAR 05:37 PM.

Do you know the exact aftari time in Bahawalpur?

The exact aftari time in Bahawalpur today is 05:37 PM.

How long is Ramadan 2024?

Ramadan has 30 Rozay in total. And all Muslims observe Ramadan.

What time did Roza close in Bahawalpur?

The closing time of Roza in Bahawalpur is 05:45 AM.

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