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Sukkur Ramadan Timing 2024 – (Sehri & Iftar Timings)



Sukkur ramadan timings

Sukkur Ramadan Timing 2024

Sukkur Ramadan Timing 2024 is a comprehensive calendar covering daily Sehri time and Iftar time for 30 days. In Sukkur, during the holy month of Ramadan, the city becomes filled with devotion and shared joy. First, as the sky begins to brighten before dawn, the delicious smell of dates and simmering khichdi wafts through homes, inviting families to enjoy the pre-fast meal. Then, the mosques echo with the soothing rhythm of Taraweeh prayers, casting a magical light on the streets. Throughout the day, the city follows a thoughtful rhythm, with businesses working quietly and respectably. At the same time, kitchens that serve those in need are bustling with activity, prepared to feed the faithful as the sun sets. When the call to prayer rings out, parks and plazas transform into shared iftar spaces, featuring tables filled with traditional Sindhi delicacies like Sajji and Dahi Bhalle.

As joy mixes with prayers, a beautiful tapestry of spiritual connection and family warmth is woven. During the nights, Tarawih prayers continue, interrupted by lively recitations of the Quran. Meanwhile, children happily navigate through streets lit with lanterns, creating a festive atmosphere that stands in stark contrast to the day’s solemnity. Ramadan in Sukkur reflects faith, community, and the enduring spirit of generosity. It leaves a lasting mark on the soul of the city.

The Muslims living in Sukkur can remain updated with the Ramadan Calendar 2024 Sukkur. Besides Sehri and Iftar time in Sukkur today, one can also view Sukkur prayer timings on Explore It Beyond.

Sehri Time Sukkur 2024

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Sukkur is a detailed schedule for Sehri and Iftar. The timetable for Pakistan Ramadan Calendar 2024 outlines the Sehri and Iftar timings for 30 days. Restaurants in Sukkur serve Middle Eastern, barbeque and Pakistani cuisines. Many dhabas are selling hot omelette with parathas and tea for sehri. These are popular Sehri recipes in Sukkur. Those at home can also prepare scrumptious dishes. It is highly recommended to eat yogurt and have plenty of water in Sehri to stay hydrated. After having Sehri meal, worshippers recite Roza Rakhne Ki Dua and then offer Fajr prayers. Today Sehri Time Sukkur can be checked from this Ramadan Calendar 2024 Sukkur.

Iftar Time Sukkur 2024

 The fast is opened by reciting Roza Kholne Ki Dua (Iftar Ki Dua). People prefer opening fast by Khajoor (date) or any refreshing drink such as Rooh Afza or Jam e Shireen. Popular Iftar dishes include pakoras, samosas, vegetable rolls, and fruit chaat. Today Iftar Time Sukkur can be checked from this Ramadan Calendar 2024 Sukkur.

Mosques in Sukkur organise iftar regularly during Holy Ramadan. Those who are travelling can stop by nearest mosque to have iftar. Families also organise iftar dinners at home for family and friends. During Ramadan in Sukkur, people organize iftar drives to assist others during iftar time. This sacred month fosters peace, unity, and blessings among people. It strengthens bonds among loved ones and promotes unity within communities.

Sukkur Ramadan Timing 2024 Calendar – Fiqa Hanafi Sunni

105:19 AM6:33 PM12 Mar 2024
205:18 AM6:33 PM13 Mar 2024
305:16 AM6:34 PM14 Mar 2024
405:15 AM6:34 PM15 Mar 2024
505:14 AM6:35 PM16 Mar 2024
605:13 AM6:35 PM17 Mar 2024
705:12 AM6:36 PM18 Mar 2024
805:11 AM6:36 PM19 Mar 2024
905:09 AM6:37 PM20 Mar 2024
1005:08 AM6:38 PM21 Mar 2024
1105:07 AM6:38 PM22 Mar 2024
1205:06 AM6:39 PM23 Mar 2024
1305:05 AM6:39 PM24 Mar 2024
1405:03 AM6:40 PM25 Mar 2024
1505:02 AM6:40 PM26 Mar 2024
1605:01 AM6:41 PM27 Mar 2024
1705:00 AM6:41 PM28 Mar 2024
1804:59 AM6:42 PM29 Mar 2024
1904:57 AM6:42 PM30 Mar 2024
2004:56 AM6:43 PM31 Mar 2024
2104:55 AM6:43 PM01 Apr 2024
2204:54 AM6:44 PM02 Apr 2024
2304:52 AM6:44 PM03 Apr 2024
2404:51 AM6:45 PM04 Apr 2024
2504:50 AM6:45 PM05 Apr 2024
2604:49 AM6:46 PM06 Apr 2024
2704:48 AM6:46 PM07 Apr 2024
2804:46 AM6:47 PM08 Apr 2024
2904:45 AM6:48 PM09 Apr 2024
3004:44 AM6:48 PM10 Apr 2024

Sukkur Ramadan Timing 2024 Calendar – Fiqa Jafri Shia

105:09 AM06:43 PM12 March 2024
205:08 AM06:43 PM13 March 2024
305:06 AM06:44 PM14 March 2024
405:05 AM06:44 PM15 March 2024
505:04 AM06:45 PM16 March 2024
605:03 AM06:45 PM17 March 2024
705:02 AM06:46 PM18 March 2024
805:01 AM06:46 PM19 March 2024
904:59 AM06:47 PM20 March 2024
1004:58 AM06:48 PM21 March 2024
1104:57 AM06:48 PM22 March 2024
1204:56 AM06:49 PM23 March 2024
1304:55 AM06:49 PM24 March 2024
1404:53 AM06:50 PM25 March 2024
1504:52 AM06:50 PM26 March 2024
1604:51 AM06:51 PM27 March 2024
1704:50 AM06:51 PM28 March 2024
1804:49 AM06:52 PM29 March 2024
1904:47 AM06:52 PM30 March 2024
2004:46 AM06:53 PM31 March 2024
2104:45 AM06:53 PM01 April 2024
2204:44 AM06:54 PM02 April 2024
2304:42 AM06:54 PM03 April 2024
2404:41 AM06:55 PM04 April 2024
2504:40 AM06:55 PM05 April 2024
2604:39 AM06:56 PM06 April 2024
2704:38 AM06:56 PM07 April 2024
2804:36 AM06:57 PM08 April 2024
2904:35 AM06:58 PM09 April 2024
3004:34 AM06:58 PM10 April 2024

Disclaimer: Please note there is a 1-minute preventative difference in both as Sehri ends 1 minute earlier and iftar starts with a 1-minute delay. We advise you to also consult the mosque nearby.

Sukkur Ramadan Timing 2024 also caters significant religious dates such as Laylatul Qadr, which is believed to be the night when the first verses of the Holy Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One follow a worship plan for the last ten days of Ramadan to maximize benefits during Holy Ramadan 2024. These ideas can surely benefit readers.

Sukkur Sehri Time & Iftar timings are present on this page. Believers can view Sukkur Roza timing 2024 for any particular day during Ramadan. Sukkur Sehr o Iftar timings for both Fiqa Hanafi Sunni and Fiqa Jafria Shia are also available. 

Readers can also access Karachi Ramadan Timings 2024 and Hyderabad Ramadan Timings 2024 catering to Iftar and Sehri times.

Those living in United States can also check Ramadan timings in their respective cities. New York Ramadan Timings and Baltimore Ramadan Timings are updated.

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