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Peshawar Prayer Times – Today Fajr, Asr & Maghrib and Isha Timings



Peshawar Namaz timings

Today Peshawar prayer times – This page covers the details of prayer timings in Peshawar for five obligatory prayers. People living in the city can find a complete Peshawar Namaz Timing Today schedule which allow them to perform all five prayers at their respective times.

Five Times Prayer Timings in Peshawar

In Peshawar, there are five daily prayers that Muslims are obligated to perform. These include:

  • Fajr Namaz Time Peshawar
  • Zuhr Namaz Time Peshawar
  • Asr Namaz Time Peshawar
  • Maghrib Namaz Time Peshawar
  • Isha Namaz Time Peshawar

The timing of these prayers is determined by the position of the sun and varies throughout the year. The Fajr prayer is the first prayer of the day, and its timing starts just before dawn. Zuhr prayer is performed after the sun has passed its zenith, Asr prayer is offered in the late afternoon, Maghrib prayer is performed just after sunset, and Isha prayer is offered after nightfall.

Famous Mosques in Peshawar

Peshawar is home to several magnificent and historically significant mosques. One of the most renowned is the Mohabbat Khan Mosque, built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. This architectural marvel showcases exquisite craftsmanship with its intricate marble work, delicate frescoes, and beautifully designed minarets.

Another notable mosque in Peshawar is the Qasim Khan Mosque, which dates back to the 17th century as well. With its grand courtyard, elegant domes, and striking facade adorned with blue tiles, this mosque is a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Sunehri Masjid, also known as the Golden Mosque, is a prominent landmark in Peshawar, Pakistan. Constructed in the 18th century during the reign of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah, this majestic mosque is renowned for its stunning architecture and ornate decorations. The name “Sunehri Masjid” derives from the mosque’s golden hues, with its domes and minarets shimmering in sunlight.

Darwesh Mosque is a revered religious site that holds great historical and cultural significance. Constructed in the 17th century during the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, this mosque stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance of the era. The Darwesh Mosque derives its name from the word “darwesh” which means a spiritual devotee or ascetic.

Explore It Beyond can bring you a 30 day schedule of Peshawar Prayer Times.

Namaz Timings in Peshawar from 2nd February 2024 to 1st March 2024 (Fiqh Hanafi)

Feb 025:45 AM7:11 AM12:27 PM4:06 PM5:44 PM7:10 PM
Feb 035:44 AM7:10 AM12:27 PM4:07 PM5:45 PM7:11 PM
Feb 045:44 AM7:09 AM12:28 PM4:08 PM5:46 PM7:12 PM
Feb 055:43 AM7:08 AM12:28 PM4:09 PM5:47 PM7:13 PM
Feb 065:42 AM7:08 AM12:28 PM4:10 PM5:48 PM7:13 PM
Feb 075:42 AM7:07 AM12:28 PM4:11 PM5:49 PM7:14 PM
Feb 085:41 AM7:06 AM12:28 PM4:12 PM5:50 PM7:15 PM
Feb 095:40 AM7:05 AM12:28 PM4:13 PM5:51 PM7:16 PM
Feb 105:39 AM7:04 AM12:28 PM4:14 PM5:52 PM7:17 PM
Feb 115:39 AM7:03 AM12:28 PM4:14 PM5:53 PM7:18 PM
Feb 125:38 AM7:02 AM12:28 PM4:15 PM5:54 PM7:18 PM
Feb 135:37 AM7:01 AM12:28 PM4:16 PM5:55 PM7:19 PM
Feb 145:36 AM7:00 AM12:28 PM4:17 PM5:56 PM7:20 PM
Feb 155:35 AM6:59 AM12:28 PM4:18 PM5:57 PM7:21 PM
Feb 165:34 AM6:58 AM12:28 PM4:19 PM5:58 PM7:22 PM
Feb 175:33 AM6:57 AM12:28 PM4:20 PM5:59 PM7:23 PM
Feb 185:32 AM6:56 AM12:28 PM4:20 PM6:00 PM7:23 PM
Feb 195:31 AM6:55 AM12:28 PM4:21 PM6:01 PM7:24 PM
Feb 205:30 AM6:54 AM12:27 PM4:22 PM6:01 PM7:25 PM
Feb 215:29 AM6:53 AM12:27 PM4:23 PM6:02 PM7:26 PM
Feb 225:28 AM6:52 AM12:27 PM4:24 PM6:03 PM7:27 PM
Feb 235:27 AM6:51 AM12:27 PM4:24 PM6:04 PM7:28 PM
Feb 245:26 AM6:49 AM12:27 PM4:25 PM6:05 PM7:28 PM
Feb 255:25 AM6:48 AM12:27 PM4:26 PM6:06 PM7:29 PM
Feb 265:24 AM6:47 AM12:27 PM4:27 PM6:07 PM7:30 PM
Feb 275:23 AM6:46 AM12:27 PM4:27 PM6:08 PM7:31 PM
Feb 285:22 AM6:45 AM12:26 PM4:28 PM6:09 PM7:32 PM
Feb 295:20 AM6:43 AM12:26 PM4:29 PM6:09 PM7:32 PM
Mar 015:19 AM6:42 AM12:26 PM4:30 PM6:10 PM7:33 PM

Note: All Timings are Beginning Times

Todays Peshawar Shia Prayer Timings 3rd Feb 2024 to 03rd March 2024

03 Feb 202405:5407:1012:2715:2318:0118:51
04 Feb 202405:5407:0912:2815:2418:0218:52
05 Feb 202405:5307:0812:2815:2518:0318:53
06 Feb 202405:5207:0812:2815:2518:0418:54
07 Feb 202405:5107:0712:2815:2618:0518:55
08 Feb 202405:5107:0612:2815:2718:0618:56
09 Feb 202405:5007:0512:2815:2818:0718:56
10 Feb 202405:4907:0412:2815:2818:0818:57
11 Feb 202405:4807:0312:2815:2918:0918:58
12 Feb 202405:4807:0212:2815:3018:1018:59
13 Feb 202405:4707:0112:2815:3118:1119:00
14 Feb 202405:4607:0012:2815:3118:1219:01
15 Feb 202405:4506:5912:2815:3218:1319:02
16 Feb 202405:4406:5812:2815:3318:1419:02
17 Feb 202405:4306:5712:2815:3318:1419:03
18 Feb 202405:4206:5612:2815:3418:1519:04
19 Feb 202405:4106:5512:2815:3518:1619:05
20 Feb 202405:4006:5412:2715:3518:1719:06
21 Feb 202405:3906:5312:2715:3618:1819:07
22 Feb 202405:3806:5212:2715:3618:1919:07
23 Feb 202405:3706:5112:2715:3718:2019:08
24 Feb 202405:3606:4912:2715:3818:2119:09
25 Feb 202405:3506:4812:2715:3818:2119:10
26 Feb 202405:3406:4712:2715:3918:2219:11
27 Feb 202405:3206:4612:2615:3918:2319:11
28 Feb 202405:3106:4512:2615:4018:2419:12
29 Feb 202405:3006:4312:2615:4018:2519:13
01 Mar 202405:2906:4212:2615:4118:2619:14
02 Mar 202405:2806:4112:2615:4118:2619:15
03 Mar 202405:2606:4012:2615:4218:2719:16
What is Fajr Namaz time in Peshawar today?

Fajr Namaz time in Peshawar today is 5:51 AM.

What is Dhuhr time in Peshawar today?

Dhuhr time in Peshawar today is 12:19 PM.

What is Asr time in Peshawar today?

Asr time in Peshawar today is 3:41 PM.

What is Maghrib time in Peshawar today?

Maghrib time in Peshawar today is 5:19 PM.

What is Isha time in Peshawar today?

Isha time in Peshawar today is 6:48 PM.

What time is Ishraq in Peshawar today?

Peshawar Ishraq Time today starts at 07:35 AM and ends at 09:49 AM.

What is Chasht Namaz Time in Peshawar today?

Peshawar Chast Namaz Time today starts at 09:49 AM and ends at 11:39 AM.

What is Tahajjud Time in Peshawar today?

Peshawar Tahajjud Time today starts at 07:48 PM and ends at 05:46 AM.

What is Awwabin Time in Peshawar today?

Peshawar Awwabin Time today starts at 05:34 PM and ends at 06:33 PM.

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