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HUM TV Upcoming Dramas – Zulm, Rah e Junoon and Namak Haram



Hum TV upcoming dramas

HUM TV, renowned for its captivating and thought-provoking dramas, is ready to embark on another captivating journey with a trio of highly anticipated upcoming drama series. Pakistani television enthusiasts have been eagerly looking forward to these serials, which assure compelling storylines, outstanding performances, and exceptional production standards. As a torchbearer of the highest quality dramas in the Pakistani entertainment industry, HUM TV is once again determined to present dramas that will leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of the audience. “Zulm,” “Namak Haram,” and “Rah e Junoon” are HUM TV upcoming dramas poised to make their mark in the world of entertainment.


One of HUM TV upcoming dramas, “Zulm,” has generated significant anticipation in the realm of Pakistani television. The story, centered around brutality and the relentless pursuit of justice, promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Starring the exceptional actors Faysal Qureshi, Shahzad Sheikh and Sahar Hashmi, the electrifying trailer and teasers have left viewers spellbound with its action-packed narrative. The return of the seasoned actor Faysal Qureshi to HUM TV after an eight-year hiatus is a reason for jubilation among fans and the industry alike.

Ilyas Kashmiri has directed “Zulm,” and Rehana Aftab pens its script, ensuring a compelling and thought-provoking narrative. The series boasts an engaging storyline, an exceptional cast, and impressive production quality, making it a highly anticipated drama series. Enthusiastic fans and viewers are eagerly awaiting the show’s premiere to experience the intense clash between power and justice.

The drama will be telecast on

Rah e Junoon

“Rah e Junoon” is among the top rated HUM TV upcoming dramas to watch out for. It narrates a tale of unwavering love, where love, burning with passion, boldly confronts challenges to earn a lifelong affection. The role of Shabrez, the protagonist of the story, will be portrayed by Danish Taimoor, the ultimate heartthrob of Pakistani entertainment. The drama’s setting, which showcases the stunning natural landscapes of Pakistan, will undoubtedly enhance the visual appeal of the narrative.

The release of the initial teaser for Danish Taimoor’s forthcoming project with HUM TV is creating substantial excitement across social media platforms. The introduction of the new on-screen duo, Danish Taimoor and Komal Meer, contributes to the series’ invigorating start. With the fusion of a novel narrative and outstanding acting, HUM TV is fully prepared to captivate the audience’s attention, ensuring they remain engrossed in front of their screens.

Here is the teaser of this HUM TV Upcoming Dramas:

Namak Haram

“Namak Haram” presents a compelling narrative of loyalty and escalating animosity driven by a misunderstanding. The drama explores the family’s past and present, where a concealed truth becomes a source of vengeance affecting everyone’s lives. Imran Ashraf and Sarah Falak Khan, the dynamic duo from the successful drama series “Raqs e Bismil,” are making a remarkable return. Their on-screen chemistry had previously captured the hearts of the audience, and fans have eagerly anticipated their reunion.

The story centers around Imran Ashraf’s character, Mureed, whose reputation is tarnished by false accusations, setting the stage for an enthralling tale of loyalty tested by simmering misunderstandings. With an exceptional cast, a promising storyline, and the enchanting on-screen chemistry of Imran and Sarah, “Namak Haram” is poised to become another unforgettable drama that will captivate viewers.

These blockbuster HUM TV upcoming dramas, “Zulm,” “Namak Haram,” and “Rah e Junoon,” are devised to offer a diverse range of intense narratives, memorable performances, and a promise of top-notch storytelling. Similar to previous top Pakistani dramas, viewers can look forward to an exciting lineup of entertainment that is set to leave a lasting impact in this season.

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